DIY King: Talented Malaysian Makes Beautiful Artwork Using Thousands Of Screws

He makes all sorts of other things too!

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DIY King: Talented Malaysian Makes Beautiful Artwork Using Thousands Of Screws
Ahguu Handcraft on Facebook.

A labour of love.

When Chong Chee Leong or Ahguu says he wants to screw you, don't be alarmed.

He's probably just talking about making a screw art portrait of you.

The talented Malaysian recently gained internet fame after making a screw art portrait of health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Made with more than 4,000 screws, Ahguu said that this was the second big Malaysian personality that he screwed together.

"The first portrait that I made was of Datuk Lee Chong Wei. That was when he decided to retire.

"I don't work on art pieces full time, so it's usually when I am motivated or touched by the person that I decide to do it," he said when speaking to Rojak Daily


Ahguu said that attempting art with screws was a natural transition after dabbling in string art. 

"I used to make small items. A leaf, a flamingo. Small kinds of art using the string art technique. 

Beautiful string art.

"For screw art, it's even more challenging especially when dealing with human figures.

"You will only know if the artwork actually resembles the person once it's done. There's no u-turns, no room for mistakes," he said.

Ahguu took two weeks to complete the artwork on Dr Noor Hisham and about four weeks for Lee Chong Wei.

The art life

Having a love for the arts since a young age, Aghuu said that creating things and understanding how they were made were his obsessions. 

"In fact, when I was in school, my favourite subject was Kemahiran Hidup," he said.

DIY all the way.

He explained that he never had the chance to study art due to financial issues but said that it never stopped him from his being passionate about it.

"Artwork is not something that I can spend a lot of time doing because I have a day job too but I try my best to do it during my free time.

"I love woodcraft. I build furniture, lamps, I made a camera box, I do pottery and I even did all the renovations for my 1 bedroom apartment," he said.

An elegant homemade backdrop.Lighting fixtrues made from scratch.Taking DIY to the next level.

On plans for the future, Ahguu said that he would continue putting his heart into his passion. 

"I already have something in mind. It's a new type of art but I will wait until I am inspired by someone before using that technique to create something," he said.

We're super jealous by this talented man. 

All the best Ahguu.

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