5 Painting Tips To Instantly Brighten Your House


It’s time to add some colour into your life!

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5 Painting Tips To Instantly Brighten Your House
Elsie Larson - A Beautiful Mess/Turek Design/Nippon Paint

What is your favourite colour?

Is the Movement Control Order (MCO) sucking your soul away day by day?

Well, don’t let all the free time you have go to waste; it’s time to add some colour into your life by having a home makeover!

You can start with the basics – repainting your house.

Time to turn the tables and uplift your mood during the MCO and get that fresh coat of paint you’ve always dreamed of.

Not sure how to spice things up first? Here are some tips you can use on how to instantly brighten your house.

#1 Small Rooms, Big Dreams

Just because you have a small room, or a small section in the house, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look spacious. The secret to having a spacious-looking room is in the colours.

Use pastel colours preferably tones of off-white, blue, and green — to make it look inviting. Now, here’s the real trick: select a lighter colour than your preferred tone, and paint it on your wall trims and mouldings, which will instantly make the room bigger.

#2 Photo Walls, The Pièce De Résistance of A Home

Almost every house you visit will definitely have its own photo wall. The photo wall may help in setting the tone of the house or even become an attraction; and maybe, an #OOTD spot of its own.

Choose a vibrant or contrasting colour to bring the room or hall to life by using shades of teal, grey, royal blue, taupe, or magenta pink. You can’t take nice #OOTD shots without a vibrant wall to back it up, right?

#3 The Door To Happiness

See that pop of colour?
Not the kind of person who wants vibrant colours all over their walls? Fret not, you can still make a statement and lighten up your home by just painting your doors!

If your room is white or cream based, you can go wild and choose any colour you like; from yellow, black, to mint green, the sky’s the limit. Or if you’re feeling like having a little mini Santorini at home, opt for royal blue instead.

#4 Your Bathroom, Where Ideas Come To Life

Looks inviting!
Have you had one of those eureka moments when you’re in the bathroom? Well, time to make that special space a little livelier!

Because some of you enjoy daydreaming in the shower, light blue is the best colour to use as it creates a relaxing, spa-like environment. But if you like something fresher, shades of light green or pistachio will emulate an outdoor vibe and will instantly brighten the room. You can also opt to paint your bathroom tiles to spice things up! Just be sure you choose the right coating solution so that the paint lasts longer and won’t be moldy.

#5 Magic Happens In The Kitchen

So pretty!
The kitchen is where magic happens for your tastebuds (and tummy), so this space deserve some tones that’ll inspire you to create more amazing dishes and recipes.

Marigold colour is the perfect colour to lighten up the space as it creates a warm, inviting feeling. But if you’re feeling bold, go for charcoal or black, as the contrasting tone will instantly make the kitchen look sleek and sexy. Plus you won’t get an eyesore incase a mess takes place.

However, if you’re looking for something subtle and cool, a combination of blush pink and cream will do the job. Besides the walls, you can also consider painting the kitchen cabinets instead.

So, now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you’re probably feeling inspired to start painting. You can find a wide range of amazing shades of vibrant colours from none other than Nippon Paint.

You can create a ‘Ruang Baru’ using Nippon Paint, where your creativity and imagination can run wild thanks to its range of paints that work on all surfaces from roof, wood, metal, glass, floor and everything in between!

From odourless paints to paint that can transform your walls into a masterpiece, Nippon Paint has all the products you need to turn your normal home into your dream home.

You can use Nippon’s Momento ® Special Effect Paint to create your amazing photo wall, the Hydro Finish range for wood and metal surfaces (for your doors and kitchen cabinets), and also the Tile Primer and EA4 Finish for your bathroom.

Feeling a bit paranoid during the virus outbreak? Nippon also has a VirusGuard range that is a highly innovative, environmentally friendly bio-proof paint that promotes good hygiene and health. The product is specially formulated to have anti-virus and anti-bacterial performance.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some Nippon Paint, gather your family and start creating a safe and healthy #RuangBaru at home.

For more info or for some inspiration, head on over to Nippon Paint’s official website.

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