Icelandic Designer Knits Scary Masks To Remind People To Practice Social Distancing

A timely reminder.

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Icelandic Designer Knits Scary Masks To Remind People To Practice Social Distancing

That will scare away the coronavirus.

We all know how scarce face masks are during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have also read many stories where people resorted to making their own face masks using conventional, everyday items, like this one for example:

A designer from Iceland, however, might have the whole DIY face mask trend to the next level.

Inspired by horror movies

Icelandic designer Yr Johannsdottir, or better known as Yrurari, created a special kind of face mask that would not only protect you from the virus, but also scare you into practicing social distancing.

Yrurari's knitted face masks attracted a lot of attention because they feature scary tongues or fangs in grotesque form.

According to AFP, the 27-year-old was inspired by the films and TV shows she watched when she was stuck at home during the quarantine period.

Yep, that is kinda scary.
Yup, we're definitely staying away.
“The idea is that the masks would be 'scary' because of the rule of keeping the distance.

“It was a kind of joke approach... the fabric is not safe or anything, but it would keep people away,” she was quoted by the news agency as saying.

She shared that some of her masks can take up to ten hours to complete.

Creepy but practical.
The scary face masks is part of a line of equally-grotesque sweaters she produced two years earlier, which, according to Johannsdottir, represented “confusing feelings that come with life,".

However, here's the bad news: while her masks have been quite popular on social media (textile museums in the United States and the Netherlands have expressed interest in adding her masks to their collections as a reminder of these unusual times), she has no plans to mass produce them for now.

"I don't want to make too many either, I want them to just be like they are for the moment I made them," she told AFP.

Would you splurge on one of these masks if they were to go on sale?

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