This Woman Spotted Dancing To Blackpink's "Kill This Love" Atop Empty Carpark Is Who We Aspire To Be

Fun way to kill time, right?

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This Woman Spotted Dancing To Blackpink's
Facebook/RebelMesh Amu

Forget the haters and dance like no one's watching.

We are almost two months into the Movement Control Order (MCO), and we have to admit that we are running out of ways to distract/entertain ourselves.

Being locked inside our house for so long, some of us may have already gone 'insane' and bored out of our skull.

For one Singaporean woman, the current lockdown in our neighbouring country did not dampen her spirits as she found a way to keep herself entertained.

A spirited performance

Dance like no one's watching.
A video clip showing a woman dancing to Blackpink's "Kill This Love" on top of an empty car park has gone viral on social media.

Not only was the woman perfectly executing the dance moves to a T, she was dressed the part too: donning a red and black outfit with knee-high boots.

Despite no music can be heard in the background, netizens could tell that the woman was dancing to the uber popular song from the Korean girlband.

Check out her moves:

Here's the original music video for comparison:

OK lah, she has got some moves.

Not all netizens are amused

The video clip has since racked up more than 66,000 views and shared over 2,600 times, but while some netizens praised her dance moves, not all of them are happy.

Many netizens have chastised the girl for violating Singapore's circuit breaker rule (their version of the MCO), as loitering in public space is discouraged.

However, according to Singapore's government website, "exercising alone in an open space is allowed".

So, ignore the haters and you do you, girl!

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