Five Local Brands You Should Shop From For Your 2020 At Home Hari Raya #OOTD

It may be different this year but your outfit should still be on point!

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Five Local Brands You Should Shop From For Your 2020 At Home Hari Raya #OOTD
Habra Haute/Shals KL

Which one tickles your fancy?

Celebrating Hari Raya in 2020 will definitely be very different, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).
Although the festivities would not be as festive as before, since all of us aren’t able to go back to our hometowns or invite guests over, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be in the Hari Raya spirit.
And what better way to get into spirit by treating yourself to a new pair of baju raya.
These are our top five picks for your next Hari Raya outfit from local brands:

#1 Shals KL

Can we have all of them, please?
Shals KL went the classical, evergreen route this year with their loose and modest silhouettes that exude total comfort. Their Shaloma Raya collection is inspired by classic film actresses from P. Ramlee’s era such as Mariani, Latifah, Salmah, and Sarimah. Their collections start from RM289 onwards. You can purchase their collection here.

#2 Lubna

We love this year's concept!
Raya on a budget this year? Worry not, we’ve got just the solution. For many years, Lubna has been around offering an affordable range of modest and trendy clothing that’ll suit your budget. From floral, minimal, to lace, they’ve got everything to cater to your cup of tea. And the best part is if you’re lucky, you can also score a pair or Hari Raya outfit for less than RM100! Shop their collection here.

#3 Miss Lily Shop

Classic, simple, evergreen.
You’ll be spoilt for choices with Miss Lily Shop’s Raya line as they vow to release new collections each week. They’ve released the Raya Erat, Simpul Raya, Indah, Jalinan, and Mesra collection so far, which are all priced at a very affordable price range. Not only that, you can also mix and match your Raya tops and bottoms according to your style! You can purchase their collection here.

#4 Habra Haute

Pretty batik prints.
If you’re looking to go the batik route this year, Habra Haute has got you covered! From kebayas, baju kurungs, to caftans, they’ve got batik written all over them. From vivid to dark muted hues, they’ve got the batik print to suit your mood of the day. Shop their collection here.


Think about the cute family #OOTD you'll have!
Print lovers, this is your time to shine! Make a statement with the Pokoks X Zaraks Raya collection that’ll definitely turn heads. If you want to take it down a notch, fret not because they have some subtle prints and patterns that’ll compliment your whole look. And you can complete your family's Raya look as they also sell matching sets for kids and males. You can purchase their collection here.

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