Expectation VS Reality: M’sian Upset Her Hari Raya Dress Looks Like It’s Filled With Helium Gas

So. Many. Questions.

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Expectation VS Reality: M’sian Upset Her Hari Raya Dress Looks Like It’s Filled With Helium Gas Twitter

Something doesn't look right here...

Recently, local fashion brand went viral after a clip of their model laying in a bush at the River of Life KL for a photoshoot made rounds on the internet.
The brand received flak not only from netizens, but also from the KL City Hall (DBKL).
And now, it seems that they’ve return the spotlight for all the wrong reasons again – because of a disastrous Hari Raya dress.

Classic example of expectation vs reality

A Twitter user recently uploaded a photo of her friend who received her baju raya but it’s not quite what she expected.
One photo shows the actual product and another shows the model product and with just one glance, you can immediately tell the difference.
She also included a video, which her friend said, “Is this the outfit to go beraya or to go to space?”
She added that the stitching isn’t good and the size she’s wearing (size M) looks like its fit for a size XL.
Netizens symphatised with her plight and some also felt that the price tag was too steep for the garment.
In this photo it looks okay though...
Apparently, the dress named Agnes is priced at RM369.

Days prior to this blunder, the brand went viral after customers claimed that they’ve been cheated of the their money after the company failed to deliver their Hari Raya outfits on time. then offered disgruntled customers a subsitute design, and ultimately a cash refund that, sadly, will take an unknown period of time before the money is credited back into their customers’ accounts.
Following the refund controversy, the brand’s founder Nur Liyana Abdul Rahman issued a statement via her personal Instagram account.
She said due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there have been delays in their shipment and also problems with their supplier who hasn’t sent their stocks in time.

Semoga terjawab semua soalan.

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And because they are dealing with thousands of customers, it is almost impossible to refund them within a day.

Netizens chastise brand

Here's what netizens are saying about the whole controversy revolving around
So, guys what do you think? Let's hope the brand and their customers can reach an agreement and solve their problems soon.

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