Hari Raya Photo Shoot Inspirations To Capture Unique Shots This Year

Click away!

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Hari Raya Photo Shoot Inspirations To Capture Unique Shots This Year
We're not sure about you but Hari Raya this year is going to be a picture fest for us. 

After all, with a limited number of visitors or no visitors at all, it's the perfect time to gather the household and click, click, click away. 

Here's a look at some pretty cool examples of Hari Raya photos from leading Malaysian photographers. 

P.S. Diorang guna iPhone jer! 😉

Let the experts inspire you

Ahady Rezan (Hux) - @huxsterized 

Phone type: iPhone SE

Garden inspired.Garden inspired 2.Garden inspired 3.Garden inspired 4.Garden inspired 5.

Photography tips: 
  • Use gridlines to balance your shot.
  • Play around with color blocking.
  • Find different perspectives. 
  • Avoid zooming in. Instead, try to get closer to your subject.
  • Take candids.

Udey Ismail - @udeyismail

Phone type: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Family fun time.Family fun time.Family fun time 2.Family fun time 3.

Photography tips: 
  • Focusing on moments at home.
  • Use low light photography.
  • Try out wide angle lens options.

Aazmeer Iskandar - @aazmeeriskndr

Phone type: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Get creative.
Get creative 2.
Get creative 3.Get creative 4.

Photography tips:
  • Get creative with food. Try out flat-lays and decorations.
  • Try changing the aperture manually to find that 'sweet spot'.
  • For the best sunset/sunrise photography, use the Smart HDR feature.

Khairul Amin - @k__amin

Phone type: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Think out of the box.Think out of the box 2.Think out of the box 3.Think out of the box 4.

Photography tips:
  • Use the natural light that flows into your home during 5-7pm. It's softer and warmer.
  • Lock your exposure on the screen first to enable you to move freely.
  • Look for inspirations from your surroundings (eg, movies/wallpapers/comic books/ novels/ music videos/ music album cover etc.

Sufian Ghaffar - iamod_

Phone type: iPhone 11 Pro

Use props.

Use props 2.Use props 3.

Photography tips:
  • Don’t be afraid to use props and objects.
  • Use iOS editing tools, these are so easy for editing and even include filters. 

Amsyar Naaif Shahmaruddin - @amsyarnaaif

It's all about the lighting.It's all about the lighting 2.It's all about the lighting 3.It's all about the lighting 4.

Photography tips:
  • Find a natural light.
  • Show depth in your photos.
  • Incorporate the environment.

Anwar Yusli - @nuar_yuslli

Phone type: iPhone 11 Pro

Always have a vision.Always have a vision 2.Always have a vision 3.
Always have a vision 4.

Photography tips:
  • Always be creative and think outside the box. 
  • Preparation. Visualize what you want the photo to look like.
  • Adapt to the elements, especially for sunset and sunrise photography, make use of clouds or trees.

Shaz Sharif - @moksva

Phone type: iPhone 11 Pro

Gridlines are there to guide you.Gridlines are there to guide you 2.Gridlines are there to guide you 3.Gridlines are there to guide you 4.

Photography tips:
  • Play with composition and colors to make your shot more interesting
  • Turn on your camera’s gridlines and use it to balance your shots. 
  • Use natural light, so try to get outdoors or otherwise near a window should also do the trick. 

Plenty of ideas

Now that you're inspired, go out, be experimental, use lights and shadow and go create some amazing photos this Hari Raya. 

If you want to share some of your creations, just comment on the post! 

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