The Rise Of Women Leaders Against COVID-19

A leader’s words carry weight when they rise to the occasion for the benefit of others.

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The Rise Of Women Leaders Against COVID-19

The strike of the COVID-19 caused so much turmoil all across the world. Heck, what else can we say? In the midst of this pandemic everyone turns their attention to the country’s leaders for direction and support since clearly they are the ones who navigate the country.
So, what could stand out any greater than that? Well, open your eyes and ears folks ‘cause here come the BREAKING NEWS. Among the many that were caught in the chaos of the deadly coronavirus, there was still a group of women who could no longer ‘sit still, look pretty’ and were ever ready to win the war against this disease.



#1 Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri


This doctor has been trending on social media for quite awhile! Dr Amalina is a Malaysian-born, UK based trainee surgeon who has made Malaysia proud through incredible service in the medical field. According to Free Malaysia Today, ‘she is working with a team of scientists at Imperial College in London to find a vaccine in the battle against Covid-19.’
Isn’t that amazing?! Here’s more…hearing the many testimonials blasted across Youtube and Twitter, she has contributed with amazing advice and also answering some tough questions on a Astro Awani live stream that relates to mental illness and health concerns during this pandemic.

#2 Jacinta Ardern


Here’s something to ponder…how many leaders could convince the people to not be selfish and act for the benefit of all? She can!
Being the Prime Minister, Jacinta Ardern was applauded by the world for her great leadership skills in leading the country. During this awful pandemic, she called an early lockdown in New Zealand and banned all foreigners from entering the country. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? These were her words of wisdom to her country.


#3 Silveria Jacobs

COVID-19 was never fun and games with Silveria Jacobs.
“SIMPLY. STOP. MOVING.” As simple as it sounds, it was a clear order about social distancing given to the people in Sint Maarten by their prime minister. Not only that, Silveria Jacobs also shows her concern for her people’s welfare by guiding them to what matters the most during this pandemic...stocking up FOOD.

#4 Tsai Ing-Wen

Another prominent woman leader is found in Taiwan! Tsai Ing-Wen portrayed an act of selflessness by offering great help to other countries that are in need of medical supplies and equipment such as facial masks and protective gears. According to Euronews, she introduced 124 measures to block the spread of COVID-19 without resorting to a full lockdown. If this is not leadership, what is?

#5 London Breed

Mayor London Breed is a leader to her city but also a friend to the citizens. If there is one word to describe her, it would be COMPASSION. Her heart goes far for her people to simply help because it’s the right thing to do such as announcing a 24/7 helpline especially for those who are in immediate danger like abuse at home.



During this pandemic, the mayor of San Francisco also joined the Latino Taskforce on COVID-19 as a volunteer in helping the needy with their basic survival needs.

#6 Women at Home


Women who work from home may sound like “OMG it’s gonna be so much easier now” but actually for most of them…IT’S DOUBLE OF EVERYTHING! You know…the cooking, cleaning, paying attention to their kids and on top of that, WORK.


No doubt, the struggle they have is real but so is the strength they have to cope with all that goes on. These women are worth the salute because they stand as a role model to the people in their homes and a testament to leaders who need no title. There is no better quote that describes women leadership than this. Catch Dennis Chan on What’s The Feed with two celebrities on the conversation about women rights.



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