Hari Raya 2020: Here's What You Can Do While You #RayaDiRumahJe

A different kind of celebration.

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Hari Raya 2020: Here's What You Can Do While You #RayaDiRumahJe
Udey Ismail

A different kind of Raya.

No Balik Kampung, not too many visitors and probably less overall havocness. 

Yes, it's going to be a quieter Raya this year because of COVID-19 but that does not mean that you can't find a different way to celebrate this beautiful occasion. 

Here are some ideas to liven up your Raya while still staying at home and keeping safe.

Send food to the needy

Rendang, lemang, serunding, asam pedas, bubur lambuk and all those cookies and kuih. 

While most of us are lucky to have a full (and sometimes overflowing) table for Hari Raya, perhaps this year we should think of those who are less fortunate too. 

Cook up a storm and send it over to the nearest home or perhaps that one family or friend who you know would be thankful for it. They'll feel wonderful and you'll feel wonderful too!

Share your spread.

Exchange cookies with friends

You love having a variety of kuih raya but who has all that time to make them?

Here's one way to do it. Just make one type or a few types of cookies and have a cookie exchange program with your friends.

Minimal effort, maximum satisfaction. ðŸ˜‰

Oh so yummy!

Just chill out

After months of getting accustomed to the regulations under the Movement Control Order (MCO) and reorganising your life to fit the "new normal", why not take this day to just relax with the family. 

Pick a wholesome movie or a series to binge-watch together.

Another option would be to bring out that gaming console and get everyone to play.

Sometimes just hanging out in the same area is pure bliss. #RelaxingRaya

Game on!

Have a full-blown photoshoot

You're already dressed up in your baju raya so why not make the most of it? 

Put together a ridiculously complicated shoot or just have fun snapping freestyle shots with the family. After all, what else do you have to do?

If you need some photo shoot ideas, we have plenty here: 

Host a virtual Raya party

Yes, we'll miss going to all the open houses this year.

Other than the yummilicious food, it's the company that we look forward to as well.

If you're missing that annual trip to your bestie's house, why not move the whole experience online?

Host a virtual party. Grab that plate of delicious food and video call your loved ones. 

You can eat, talk and have a blast while ensuring that you keep a safe social distance. 

The virtual connection.

So there you have it. Pick an activity and have a blast at home you guys!

Have a wonderful safe Hari Raya everyone!

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