Raya,Turkey, Music, Family And Instropection; Cakap-Cakap With Alif Satar.

The singer-actor-tv host speaks about embracing the "new normal".

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Raya,Turkey, Music, Family And Instropection; Cakap-Cakap With Alif Satar.
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A beautiful family.

Always busy with one project or another,like all of us, singer-actor-tv host Alif Satar also had to rearrange his life to fit the "new normal".

We speak to him about Raya, life with his wife and three adorable kids, future projects and his special 'At Home With Apple Music' playlist which features his favourite music during self-isolation.

Raya this year will most definitely be a quieter one as compared to past years. What's the one thing that you will miss doing the most?

I think spending time with my cousins cause some of them are in Penang and we can’t travel interstate for Raya so that will definitely be missed you know. The early morning with the cousins, the hectic (atmosphere), the havocness during Aidilfitri in the morning but I have to be bersyukur that I have my family and my parents and my siblings around to be here with me during Raya so there’s a lot to be grateful for but I will definitely miss the craziness with so many of my cousins during Raya morning. 

ا م ع ج

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What will Raya be like for you and your family this year? Any advice for those who have kids to entertain as well?

It’s going to be fairly the same. Basically the first day will usually be the open day in my household. Mum will cook lots of food, laksa penang, lemang and ketupat with curry, and to have our cousins around but this time definitely will be difficult with the limit of 20 people in one house. So, I guess advise to entertain the kids, you spend time with them like normal. It’s not like we don’t entertain them every other day but I guess with my siblings around during Raya, my kids have their cousins to play around so that would have been fun.

Selamat hari raya from our family to yours♥️☺️

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Please tell usabout your At Home With Alif Satar playlist on Apple Music. Is there one all-time favourite song on the list? 

I think every song in this playlist is an all-time favourite. I hope people will play my songs in the playlist. I would love to have a duet with all of them (the singers featured on the playlist) actually. Probably record a Raya song with every single one of them. It will be nice to just create a playlist (with the singers).

At Home With Alif Satar.

Do you have an upcoming project or anything else that you would like to share with us? Sneak peak pun boleh. 

I’m supposed to be shooting a film in Turkey after Raya but looking at the whole situation... what’s happening around the globe, I think that is not happening anytime soon. At the moment, I’m really focusing on supporting the youth and trying to drive the country to be more healthy. Maybe after Raya, I will think of something towards e-sports, not just gaming but exercising online. 


Many people are using this MCO period as a time for introspection. Is it the same for you?

Ya, I do that as well. Sometimes you just have to reevaluate yourself, improve on your weaknesses, as a person and for me as an artist and as a Muslim. You know sometimes dah lama tak baca..recite the Quran, sometimes I don’t spend more time with my wife, my kids, so you take this time to improve your weaknesses and add on some of your skills during this time. 

pray together, stay together. INSYAALLAH.♥️

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Have you learnt anything new about your self in the last few months?

I think I didn’t know that I could be at home this long. (laughs) I’m usually out and about everyday weather it is for exercising, training working. I’m surprised that I’m still able to do that at home and there’s no excuse now to stay healthy even though you’re stuck at home so you can always do things, work from home, exercise from home.

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Do you have any special Raya wishes for Malaysians/fans?

I would like to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin to all Malaysians and to my fans wherever you are - Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, wherever you are celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, I hope you guys are staying strong, staying healthy, and let’s get through this together. We can go through this together and definitely this Aidilfitri will be one of the most memorable ones during our lifetime so Selamat Hari Raya again, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

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