Creative Ways To Celebrate Cultural Diversity

Embracing the differences in people creates a more attractive world.

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Creative Ways To Celebrate Cultural Diversity

TAKE A HINT GUYS…the world is culturally diverse already!
We are surrounded by different kinds of languages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and societies which cultivates all sorts of cultures in our everyday lives. In fact, new cultures are brought into existence almost all the time which gives us the opportunities to make new discoveries. Exciting isn’t it? Here’s a little recap of Malaysia’s cultural diversity.



Cultural diversity has already become a norm. It is found in our schools, colleges, workplaces or even when we just take a stroll in the park. So, if you are unfamiliar with the whole thing, well…you’re basically living under a rock. Aside from knowing and experiencing different cultures, we are called to also celebrate our differences. So, here are some ideas to get you started.


Tune In To Other Cultures’ Music


Music is literally a universal language. Can’t ignore that fact, right? Every day we put on our headphones or our AirPods and just jam into our favourite playlists. Now, let’s put on our thinking cap and try asking ourselves this question…“How diverse is my playlist?”
Sure, some may say that you have songs of more than one language in your playlist. That’s an easy answer. Hate to break it to you folks…but here’s the real deal. Our playlist often consists of the songs that sing the language we are most comfortable with and also the cultures that we have familiarized. So, what do we do about it?



Hey, we’re millennials! Social media is our thing! Instead of just making changes to your playlist, create something trendy. Get on your Instagram or TikTok app, start grooving to music from different cultures and make it into one video. Let cultural diversity be something that everyone catches on.


Join Other Cultures’ Festivity

Most of you would probably go like this right now, “Aiyaaa, I heard this soooooo many times already lah!”. Well, duhhh…of course! As Malaysians, we can’t get enough of festivals and cultural tradition. In fact, it is often our greatest anticipation every year. We got Independence Day, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, Pesta Kaamatan, Hari Gawai, and so much more!
Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that we have the most number of holidays in Southeast Asia? That’s plenty of opportunities to celebrate with other cultures! Guys…even with the recent CMCO limiting us to be physically present with our friends and family, GET VIRTUAL! Put on your best traditional outfit, order some traditional food and get on ZOOM, SKYPE or any other apps possible!



Also, let’s not limit ourselves to only these festivities. We can make any day a cultural celebration. 

Play The ‘Culture In A Box’ Game

Not gonna lie guys…the video above may be a little intense. But hey, not everything could be fun and games, right? The experiment in the video gives us a new perspective about cultural diversity especially in removing stereotypes and biases. It kinda makes you wonder, “When have we not judged a book by its cover?”



We have all the time we need to think out loud but let it not take hold of us from what matters the most. Finding out what’s different is what makes it interesting. The experiment in that video was meant for serious results. However, you can put your own creative twist to it. Lighten up somebody’s mood without getting sidetracked of the whole point of this “little game”.
Alright peeps...gotta wrap it up here. Cultural diversity is a huge topic to go on about. Let us remember to always be considered and make an attempt to adapt to the difference in culture. Each one is unique and worth celebrating. Mahatma Gandhi, a very wise man once said,..


If you want to explore more about culture, start with all there is to be found in Malaysia. This Surely Malaysian video will give you an example of ‘Kiasu’ness culture that will leave you bursting with laughter.


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