Loyal Good Boi Waits At Wuhan Hospital For Three Months, Unaware That His Owner Died Of COVID-19

This is so sad.

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Loyal Good Boi Waits At Wuhan Hospital For Three Months, Unaware That His Owner Died Of COVID-19

The most loyal dog ever.

Hey guys, remember the classic tale of Hachiko, a loyal Japanese Akita dog who waited patiently at a train station for his owner to return home from work for nine years, not knowing that his owner died at the office?

Well, here's a modern version of the story, and get some tissues ready, because this is just as touching as the tale of Hachiko.

Searched everywhere for his owner

This good boi won't leave his human's side.
A little mixed breed doggo in China has won over the hearts of many for his ultimate loyalty when he waited in the lobby of a hospital in Wuhan for his owner to get better.

The New York Post reported that the doggo arrived at the Wuhan Taikang Hospital with his elderly owner during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in February.

But unbeknownst to the little fella, his owner sadly died of the virus five days later.

For three months, the doggo waited patiently at the lobby of the hospital, and he even searched everywhere for his owner.

The medical staff at the hospital, as well as kindhearted passerbys, tended to the doggo's needs.

Lemme be your guard dog.
When the citywide lockdown was lifted in early May, a shopkeeper by the name of Wu Cuifen decided to take the doggo in and temporarily look after him.

Wu, who owns a supermarket in the building, named the pooch Xiaobao ('Little Treasure' in Chinese).

“I first noticed the little dog when I returned to work in the middle of April. They told me his owner, a pensioner, was admitted with the coronavirus.

“Then he passed away, but Xiaobao didn’t know and just stayed in the hospital looking for him.

“He never left the hospital. It was incredibly touching, and so loyal,” Wu was quoted as saying.

Refused to leave the hospital

Wu told The New York Post that she tried to send Xiaobao away, but he would not leave the premises.

Even when she deliberately dropped him off somewhere far away, he would somehow make his way back to the hospital and continue waiting patiently for his owner.

Xiaobao is now being cared after.
However, when the hospital began receiving complaints about having an animal in its premises, Wu had to contact the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association.

The Association took Xiaobao in, and he's since been treated by the vets and sterilised as he prepares to be rehomed.

According to the report, the shelter is now vetting through applications from dog lovers who are intrested in giving Xiaobao a new forever home.

We do hope that his new owners would shower him with all the love that he deserves, because Xiaobao is definitely a little treasure.


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