[VIDEO] Man Films Wife's 'Haunted' Dolls Moving By Themselves In Glass Cabinet

Umm, we're out.

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[VIDEO] Man Films Wife's 'Haunted' Dolls Moving By Themselves In Glass Cabinet
YouTube/Dogtooth Media

Burn them, burn them with fire!!!!!!!

Hey, have you guys seen 'Anabelle', the horror movie about a creepy-looking, haunted, murderous doll?

Well, while we definitely got spooked out watching the movie on our TV screen, one man is getting spooked out watching 'haunted' dolls moving in his very own house.

And no, this is not some low-budget horror movie; it's apparently happening to him in real-life.

Freaked out

Just some harmless dolls, right?
According to Unilad, a man from Hamilton, Ohio claims that his wife's porcelain dolls are moving by themselves in a glass cabinet, and he kinda has a video to prove it.

Chad Gassert told the news portal that he first noticed the dolls moving by themselves back in January, and when he experienced it for the second time, he quickly whipped out his camera in an attempt to capture the creepy scene.  

Gassert was reportedly alone at home after his wife Victoria Andrews-Gassert went out, and he captured, on camera, the moment one of the dolls moved by itself, slowly leaning towards the side of the glass cabinet and stopped with the noise of a chink on the glass.

The doll is getting restless.
In the second clip which was reportedly recorded in May, Gassert recorded the smallest of the three dolls (and the creepiest one, we feel) falling on its side before hitting the side of the cabinet:

The small one wants to get in on the action.
To make things a little more creepy that it already is, as Gassert pans his camera around the room to show that he's really alone at home, a pile of clothes that was placed on the sofa appears to fall to the ground:

Messing with the laundry now, are we?
Needless to say, Gassert, who was reportedly extremely freaked out at that moment, fled to his room and locked the door while waiting for his wife to come home.

"I’m still a little shook. I went to my bedroom and was looking at the door, waiting for that m*********** to bust through it.

"This is the second time this [has] happened now. Last time was just the doll [that moved]. And now a completely different doll is moving and clothes just fall off the couch.

"It only happens when I’m here by myself," he told the news portal.

Watch the video below:

Internet is divided

After Gassert uploaded the clips online, netizens agreed that whatever happened to him was extremely spooky.

Many of them advised him to get rid of the dolls, with a couple of them asking him to burn the dolls and move to another house.

One commenter even said that they noticed "a pair of eyes" behind the dolls just before they moved, and another said that they saw the doll "sit straight back up".

Poor Chad is scared.
However, not all are convinced.

A few commenters suggested that the dolls could be attached to some sort of invisible wire or magnet, and that his wife could be in on his 'prank'.

What do you guys think? Are the dolls haunted or not?

One thing's for certain though: we've seen 'Anabelle' enough times to know what's going to happen next, so let's hope Mr and Mrs Gassert do, too.

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