Woman Sends A Tonne Of Onions To Ex-Boyfriend To Make Him Cry For Breaking Up With Her

Quite literally.

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Woman Sends A Tonne Of Onions To Ex-Boyfriend To Make Him Cry For Breaking Up With Her
There are many different ways a person can deal with a break up.

Some would cry to sleep every night, some would go out and have fun and some would feel indifferent.

One woman from China, however, decided to take matters into her own hands because her ex-boyfriend did not show any emotions after their break-up.

'Now it's your turn to cry'

Malay Mail
reported that the woman named Zhao, who is from Shandong, China, sent a tonne of onions to her ex to teach him a lesson for not crying over their break-up.

Quoting Chinese portal The Paper, the report said Zhao sent the ‘gift’ because the guy was being his normal self right after the break-up.

She reportedly cried for three days after the break-up, and to make her ex-lover cry too, she decided on the gift with specific instructions for it to be placed in front of the man's house and not to return the items to sender.

Zhao even included a note in her gift to make sure her ex-boyfriend cries.

“Ex! I cried for three days, now is your turn to cry!,” the note reportedly said.

Of course, as expected, her ex-boyfriend known only as Si did not shed a single tear despite her effort. 

To add salt to the wound, Si told the news portal that he sold the onions and got 1,000 yuan (about RM612) in return.

“My ex-girlfriend goes around telling people that I do not cry despite breaking up. Am I a scum for not crying after the break-up?” he questioned, adding that he broke up with her due to her unreasonable behaviour.

How's this for a break-up story? We are not sure whose side to take, honestly!

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