This Malaysian Family’s Unique Hari Raya Song Will Help You Get Over Your Post-Raya Blues

Well done.

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This Malaysian Family’s Unique Hari Raya Song Will Help You Get Over Your Post-Raya Blues
Facebook/Unique Arts, Culture and Heritage Malaysia

What a catchy Raya song.

Hari Raya may be a little bit different this year, but there are families out there who are taking the opportunity to do something fun as a family.

Like this Malaysian family, for example, who became the talk of the town because of their creative Hari Raya song.

Inspiration from Hindi film

Catchy song.
The family used musical instruments such as mridangam (a barrel-shaped double-headed drum), a tabla (small drums), and a bass guitar to recreate the Hari Raya song with an Indian twist to it.

Malay Mail reported that the family is part of Negeri Sembilan arts and culture group, which posted the video online.

Negeri Sembilan Unique Arts, Culture, and Heritage Malaysia artistic director Savithri Vellaithan told the news portal that she decided to compose the song because she missed the feel of the vibrant Raya celebration.

“The COVID-19 pandemic halted our family’s routine of visiting houses of Muslim friends and heading to Ramadan bazaars made me do this video to share about how low-key this year’s celebration was and to also entertain viewers,” she said.

It's kinda catchy, isn't it?
The unique song mixes the lyrics written by Savithri and the tune of the Hari Raya song taken from the 1956 Hindi film 'Bhai Bhai'.

“My dad who is also a musician played a number of old Hindi hit songs when I was growing up and I remember the melodies of these songs till today.

“The lyrics that include rindu dengan sahabat (missing my friends), tak dapat berjabat (cannot shake hands), took me two days to brainstorm aided by my knowledge of Malay poetry in figuring the right words for the song,” she said.

You guys have to listen to the song:

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