Beautiful But Deadly: This Mobile Wallpaper Will Instantly Crash Your Android Phone

Don't download and save this image, yeah?

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Beautiful But Deadly: This Mobile Wallpaper Will Instantly Crash Your Android Phone

Don't try this at home, yeah?

Who doesn't love a nice photo of a beautiful scenery, right?

And who doesn't love to use a nice photo of a beautiful scenery as a wallpaper on their smartphone so that they could stare at it all day long, right?

But be warned; a photo that is currently making its round on social media will cause more harm than good.

Beautiful but deadly

A Twitter user by the name of Ice Universe has discovered that a photo of a picturesque mountain range and a lake will instantly crash smartphones running on the Android operating system.

According to Ice Universe, the bug mostly affects Samsung smartphones in particular, although tech site Android Authority confirms that it also affects Google Pixel as well.

Setting the wallpaper on your device will reportedly soft-brick it, causing a handset’s screen to immediately start turning on and off, and it continues in a loop, making it unusable.
The wallpaper also prohibits users from entering the lock screen.

The only way to fix the issue, according to Android Authority, is to factory-reset your smartphone, which basically means that you'll lose all your data in your phone.

So, what's causing the crash?

According to 9to5Google's Dylan Roussel, the bug is very likely caused by an issue with the colour space of the image.

Roussel wrote that the image uses a RGB colour space, while many Android smartphones prefer to use SRGB.

Roussel demonstrated by using the wallpaper on a Google Pixel 4 XL running on the Android 11 operating system and on a Google Pixel 3 XL running on Android 10. 

He found that the software in Android 11 automatically includes a line of code to replace unsupported colour spaces with SRGB and as a result, the wallpaper didn’t crash the Pixel 4 XL but it did the Pixel 3 XL.

Here's the full Twitter thread, in case you guys want to do some reading:
Of course, we don't think we need to tell you this, but knowing some of you stubborn fellas out there, please do not try and replicate this on your smartphone, yeah?

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