8-Year-Old Cutie Pie From Myanmar Wins Over Netizens With Her Cooking Skills

What amazing skills.

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8-Year-Old Cutie Pie From Myanmar Wins Over Netizens With Her Cooking Skills
Channel News Asia & YouTube/Little Chef

Little Chef at work, do not disturb.

We are pretty sure many of you picked up various skills during the stay at home period that was imposed across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, an eight-year-old girl in Myanmar has picked up cooking during the lockdown period, and her adorable videos have charmed fans from all over the world. 

Started her own business

The little master chef at work.
According to a report by news agency AFP, videos of Moe Myint May Thu whipping up a yummy dish in her signature pyjamas and chef's hat were shared online by her mother

One of the first videos that was posted online was of the young chef whipping up some spicy fried prawns, and that video propelled Moe into internet stardom.

In fact, netizens have given her a cute online nickname: "Little Chef."

Not too young to start cooking.
Initially, the videos were posted on her mom's social media pages, but since little Moe has got her own following, they are now posted on her own pages.

And it's safe to say that Moe is on her way to becoming a master chef, as she is now reportedly selling her home made dishes for a flat rate of 10,000 kyat (RM30.73), with home deliveries handled by her social influencer mum, Honey Cho.

"I just love cooking. It's made us happy cooking together in the lockdown,” she told AFP.

To date, Moe has reportedly mastered 15 dishes, including tomato fish paste curry, pork stew and spicy fried frog.

And here's a little good news for her fans: the Little Chef has assured her followers that she will keep cooking until school reopens in August.

You go, Moe! 

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