LEGO Has Just Launched A Vehicles Campaign To Get You Hooked To Fast Cars

And it did exactly just that.

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LEGO Has Just Launched A Vehicles Campaign To Get You Hooked To Fast Cars
The LEGO Group

Ready to rumble?

When it comes to toy cars, LEGO has been doing a fantastic job.

They recently launched a 1:8 scale version of the gorgeous Lamborghini Sián FKP 37:

They also have a range of LEGO car products that would make motor enthusiasts go mad, like this 'Fast & Furious' Dodge Charger:

It's safe to say that LEGO knows how to get your engines revving (pun intended).

For your need for speed

To further make you fall in love with their LEGO cars, the Danish toy production company has just launched their #BuildItDriveItLoveIt campaign.
This LEGO Vehicles campaign places the spotlight on its automobile portfolio, to create awareness and drive excitement for its range of novelty vehicles under different themes.

Targeting children and their parents who are young at heart (of course!), the campaign appeals to their need for speed and passion for automobiles.

Share your need for speed.
So, what are some of the cars you can get your hands on?

There are 46 unique models in its automobile range, from adrenalin-pumping race cars and burly 4X4s, to your favourite street vehicles and collectible classics. 

For the adults, you have the 225-piece LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS Ferrari F8 Tributo and the 298-piece LEGO Nissan GTR Nismo:

The red Prancing Horse is love.
Meet the Godzilla.
For those who grew up watching drag races, the 225-piece LEGO Dragster will definitely make your heart skip a beat:

The Dragster will bring back some memories.
And for the kids, the 55-piece LEGO CITY Monster Truck and the LEGO CITY Racing Cars will definitely get them in the mood for some vroom vroom (at home, of course).

Like they say, you gotta start them young, right?

Who loves Monster Trucks growing up?
Start them young, we say!
The LEGO #BuildItDriveItLoveIt campaign runs from 1 to 30 June 2020, so remember to check out their Facebook page because they have exciting content and activities lined up for you the entire month.

Time to rev your LEGO engines, you guys!

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