A US Study Suggests That Couples Should Wear Face Masks While Having Sex

And a few more guidelines.

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A US Study Suggests That Couples Should Wear Face Masks While Having Sex
Thinking of cranking up the heat in your bedroom but worried about the coronavirus?

Well, don't be; because there are now guidelines to help keep you safe!

Sexy time in the new normal

Scientists from Harvard University in the United States have recently released a list of guidelines for couples who wish to get it on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, they advised couples to wear face masks. Secondly, avoid kissing. Thirdly and most importantly, follow hygiene practices while having sex to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to one another.

CNN reported that the guidelines, issued through a study and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal, also include couples taking a shower before and after sexy time to prevent any possible transmission risks.

It also suggested that cleaning of the physical space with soap or alcohol wipes is necessary.

Meanwhile, the study labelled sexual abstinence and masturbation as low-risk sexual activities, while sex with people within a household and those from other households were ranked as high-risk activities.

“Patient is at risk of infection from a sex partner if they have been exposed to the virus while they were outside the house,” read the study, adding that there’s also risk involved when having sexual contact with an asymptomatic COVID-19-infected partner.

The study suggested that sexual activities via digital platforms such as the phone or video chat are an alternative to physical contact, but warned that the users should be counselled on the risks for screenshots of conversations or videos and sexual extortion.

Looks like sexy time during the pandemic can be quite a chore, but safety first, right?

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