“Macam Tie Sekolah” – Netizens Have A Lot To Say About The dUCk Scarves X Marvel Collection

Part of the collection has been withdrawn due to its material.

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“Macam Tie Sekolah” – Netizens Have A Lot To Say About The dUCk Scarves X Marvel Collection
The dUCk Group

They kind of looks like uniform ties...

Local hijab brand dUCk Scarves have collaborated with a lot of established brands such as Barbie and Tealive in the past, and their latest collaboration might sent some shockwaves to superheroes in the universe.
dUCk recently launched a special Father’s Day collection with Marvel, which includes their signature scarf collection and also for the first time ever, a tie collection for the special males in your life.
Netizens had a lot to say about the collection, from its design to its price tag, which led to the keywords 'Duck' and 'Marvel' becoming trending topics on Twitter.

'Buruknya design' 

Which tie tickles your fancy?
The scarves were sold for RM250 each, while the ties cost up to RM300.
Despite all their hard work, not all fans are happy with the scarves as well as the ties, for a myriad of reasons.

Some felt that the placement of Iron Man’s Arc Reactor looked like a school badge, others think that the pricing is too steep, and there were also Marvel fans who lamented that this collection turned out to be an Iron Man collection, as opposed to the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe collection.

Collection pulled off shelves

However, within hours after its launch, The dUCk Group decided to pull the entire tie collection from its inventory - and it's not because of the harsh criticisms they received on social media.

They pulled the collection because they have “overlooked” an important aspect when choosing the material of the ties – silk.
For those who are not in the know, Muslim men are prohibited from wearing any form of silk clothing, and the Marvel silk ties raised eyebrows as dUCk’s target market are predominantly Muslims.
According to the brand, they will be donating the ties to non-Muslim frontliners.

“We will be gifting them to our non-Muslim male frontliners instead, and hope we can make some frontliner daddies happy this Father's Day. We apologise again for this blunder on our part.”
Well, that escalated quickly. We hope the hijab brand will be more sensitive to things like these in the future.
So, what do you guys think of the designs, especially all of you Marvel fans out there?

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