Which 90’s TV Show Are You Living In?

Find out which 90’s TV Show that you are breaking the fourth wall on a daily basis.

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Which 90’s TV Show Are You Living In?

Ah yes.. The 90’s. A time when hairs were worn big and shirts were tucked-in in a high waisted washed out jeans. The 90’s was a bizarre time for everyone. It’s an era of transition into the more technologically-inclined society. Explains all the hyper-experimentation of typography, layout and video editing and transitions. Everyone was just basically trying out the new features of software tools.


90’s was also the era when cable TV was introduced. Therefore, more TV shows were springing up as compared to previous years. Unlike how we can binge on TV series today on Netflix. We had to wait an excruciating week at a time to watch the next episode of our favorite TV Show.


Ever wondered which 90’s TV Show basically has your name written all over it? Check out this quiz.




The 1990’s also saw a rise in sitcom (Situation Comedy). As the name suggests, sitcom is a genre of comedy that centers on a fixed place like an apartment or restaurant and the same set of characters who carry over from episode to episode. Which also explains why most of our beloved  90’s TV Show extends to hundreds of episodes over multiple seasons long. 


Not as much today though.. what was the last series that lasted as long with a cult following? Game of Thrones? 


Guess in a way it speaks about the culture that we are living in today really. Ever noticed that nothing sticks anymore? Be it music, films, TV shows, fashion. Everything changes at an accelerated speed. You’re always on your toes for the next IT thing. It’s difficult for anything these days to earn the title of evergreen. It’s kind of scary and exciting all at the same time.


And that’s why the 90’s has a special place in our hearts. It is the tamer, bright-eyed baby sister of the current life we are all living now. For instance, the Internet used to be a much more pleasant place to be on, not the platform to spew hate like it is today. 


And fashion used to be a lot more affordable and grungy or funky. Unlike the insane race for clout that it is today by tagging numerous fashion brands on your Instagram photos.


Plus the decade just before Y2K, is the turning point era between whatever that is archaic and the digital prospects that the future holds. I mean who could have forgotten when we read that flying cars will be a thing of the future in our text books huh?..Here we are in the 2020 and we’ve crossed a literal pandemic, forest fires and a sudden government change.. whats next? Aliens??? we’re not gonna be surprised tbh..


Nevertheless! Everything happens for a reason as cliche as that might sound and our experiences through the grungy 90’s or the woke 2020 are there to mould us into the wise and eclectic personality that we are today.


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