Face-palming Dad Jokes Compilations

Prepared to be SMH-ing away through this one.

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Face-palming Dad Jokes Compilations

What is it with dad and lame jokes? Like.. are we all headed to an impending doom of being hambar? Is it happening to all members of the male population as the second goes by? Are we all just counting days away before our witty comebacks and intelligent humour all just depreciate into god-forsaken puns??? *heavy breathing and nervous sweating  heightens*




So what makes a joke “worthy” enough to be categorised into dad jokes? First thing first, the joke must be delivered by a dad, not necessarily your dad but he has to have an air of lovable, over-confidence about him. The jokes include, but not limited to corny and punny jokes that are borderline amusing but also kinda wanna make you hide in shame at family gatherings. Yes.. only fathers have been bestowed with such an awesome gift.


So to new fathers, hang in there, you’re getting there. It is a natural process, a rite of path some might say even, that you will be cracking up some lame jokes soon. Maybe we could help you get some ideas about the next joke you want to drop on your victim?




Oh we love this one. Imagine getting ready for a job interview and your dad says this. Kinda wanna make you throw a fit but also thank your dad for making you smile before a nerve-wrecking interview huh. (awww)




We can almost imagine how this joke would turn out at a football game with your dad. Yeah.. you asking to change seats with the person next to you.




Ah yes, here comes the puns. For real though.. would dad jokes ever thrive in this world without the “wordsmith” skills that comes with it?



So like.. you’re at a book store, your dad peeps up from one of the shelves and says this to you. OMG, you’ll be looking at everyone around you and pretending that you don’t know him.




So you’re queuing up at the vending machine and while waiting for your canned drink to be dispensed your dad says this. *face-palming for the umpteenth time*




"Umm dad.. that is kinda offensive you know”

"Offensive or Offen-Si.. as in YES that’s a GOOD joke huh am I right or am I right?”


"Oh god Dad I give up..”




In a traffic congestion: Who brought a loaf of bread here huh?? See now we’re in a jam. 


Everyone in the car face-palm in 3.. 2..




Wow.. In all honesty.. We are rendered speechless.




Daughter: Where are we eating at dad?

Dad: Idk.. your mouth?


Okay we’re just realising that this kinda sounds all sorts of wrong after being translated.. But you get the general idea..




Okay we got to admit this one is kinda funny. We spot some notable linguistic skills there. 10/10 for this one.


Pretty sure nobody had side aches laughing from all of that right? Must have been a bunch of OMG.. eye rollings, face-palmings and cringing hard as you scrolled to this last one.


But hey, we would rather hear our dad’s lame and rather embarrassing dad jokes for the rest of our lives than having to go one day of seeing them sad (went from a happy write-up to a sad one real quick thoughhhh).


Seriously, in all honesty, these charming and amusing jokes more often than not have kept us up in spirits and serves as a reminder of how our father just wants to see us crack a smile and don’t take everything too seriously. Life is too short for that.


So to all our hambar but lovable fathers out there, we love you and we thank you for always lighting up the room. Happy Father’s Day from all of us!

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