A Popular Burger Chain From The US Is Opening Its First Outlet In Malaysia Very Soon

Say yes to more burgers!

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A Popular Burger Chain From The US Is Opening Its First Outlet In Malaysia Very Soon

Telur mata on a burger for the win!

We Malaysians love our fast food, judging by the hundreds of fast food outlets we have all around the country.

And just when we think we have more than enough, a popular burger chain from the United States will be opening their first ever outlet in Malaysia.

Yum yum in our tum tum

But first, we know what you're thinking, and no; it's not White Castle (we wish it was too :( ).

The burger chain that will be opening its first outlet in Malaysia is Five Guys.

Interestingly, it was our very own local burger joint myBurgerLab who shared the news of their impending arrival:

According to this report by SoyaCincau, their first outlet will be opening in Genting Highlands, so there are now more reasons to make the climb next time.

However, Malaysia won't be Five Guys' first ever outlet in Southeast Asia though, as the brand opened an outlet in Singapore back in December 2019.

But hey, we don't mind coming in second this time, because we love our yummy burgers!

Coming soon, you guys!
The first Five Guys restaurant opened its doors back in 1986 in Arlington County, Virginia, and they have since expanded to 1,500 outlets worldwide, with another 1,500 more reportedly under development.

Five Guys is famous for their burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches - and the fact that you get to customise your burger with as many free toppings like lettuce, tomatoes and grilled mushrooms as your heart and tummy desire.

All the burger you can eat.
And if that doesn't get your tummy growling, Five Guys was ranked first in the burger, steak, chicken and grill category in a UK survey back in 2016.

OK, who else is hungry? 

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