Heebie-Jeebies-Jembalang Stories

Be careful! These ‘cerita hantu’ may creep into your mind when you’re asleep.

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Heebie-Jeebies-Jembalang Stories

Wishing it was as easy as saying, “You saka…pergi jauh-jauh!”
Malaysia is a land filled with extreme wonder from the beauty of nature to the delicious local cuisines AND…the number of supernatural encounters. Whoa, did you just realise that Malaysia has a ‘dark side’ too? For many years we’ve heard stories from our local media, ancestors, friends, family and even the ‘mak cik sebelah rumah’ telling us stories of ghostly incidents.
Sometimes, it may sound like it is overly exaggerated and make us doubt if the stories were just a nightmare’s tale or a real experience.



If you’ve stayed long enough in Malaysia, you have probably heard about all the types of ghost that could be present. We’ve got the ‘Pontianak’, ‘Toyol’, ‘Orang Minyak’, ‘Hantu Pocong’, ‘Nu Gui’ and sooooo much more! So, here are a few local horror stories that would drive you nuts. Can you handle it?


# Mass Hysteria In Schools

Source: BBC News

In 2016, this school located in Kota Bahru, Kelantan experienced an eerie supernatural encounter. Did you know, there was so much turmoil that the school had to be temporarily closed to handle this ‘mass hysteria’ case? So, what actually happened?
According to BBC News, there were about 100 people, a mix of students and teachers who saw a black figure lurking in the school. There were incidents of being possessed and disturbed by spirits. One of the teachers explained that she felt a heavy presence clinging on to her and black figure was attempting to enter her body.

That’s not all you guys! In 2019, there was a case of ‘mass hysteria’ in Kelantan in another school. However, this time it was mostly among schoolgirls who had a ripple effect of massive screaming. One girl couldn’t stand it and fainted. There were even school doors slamming shut! Tell me this isn’t creepy…BUT IT IS!
I know you guys can testify there are so many more cases in schools than just this one.


# Ghastly Holiday Nightmare

Source: runnyrem on Unsplash

This eerie holiday experience took place at a local tourist attraction. A group of four friends decided to get dinner at 11pm after their late check-in at the hotel. The first two decided to leave the room and wait for the remaining two at the elevator. Here comes the spook…both the elevators and emergency staircase mysteriously disappeared!
Ironically, the two remaining friends who were supposed to meet them also got lost. After a dozen calls and texts, they finally reunited but then the experience got worse after heading back to the place where their room was no longer there. The four continued searching until the break of dawn. It was finally during the Malay ‘azan subuh’ prayers that they found their room and the elevators back.


You thought it was finally over? It runs out that the two remaining friends who were supposed to meet the first two at the elevator only met them much later. So, who actually did the first two people meet?


# The Curse of Karak Highway

Source: Youtube

Here are a couple of frightening encounters at this highway. First off, a phone call from the dead. A local radio deejay received a call from a listener who was sadly talking about the horrible accident he met at this highway. The caller indicated that his mom, dad, wife, and children were all a part of the horrible accident too. He sounded depressed about how his family died and eventually told the deejay that he saw himself dead too.
Even though the radio station told the deejay to shake it off thinking it was a prank call, the news about the accident came out the next day. When the deejay went back to the radio station to hear the caller’s recording of the previous night, it was nothing but silence. Don’t you just get goose bumps listening to this?

Source: The Ghost In My Machine

Next, the peculiar yellow vintage Volkswagen. Apparently, it only appears at night and many motorists claim that this car will block your path by driving very, very slowly in front of you which forces you to overtake the car. So, when you overtake the car guess what…it will appear in front of you again and the cycle continues.
Whilst some stories are told, this highway is still popular among netizens to get to their favourite tourist attractions. In fact, many people travel interstates and reach their destination safely. So, don’t let these stories get to you till it affects your travel choices. Instead, let ‘stories’ be stories.


# Ghost Possess A Doll

Source: Facebook

A mother shared her story about a possessed doll that belonged to her daughter. She explained that this doll kept disturbing her in ways such as kicking her bed when she sleeps, a big amount of unexplainable grey hair, the shutting of toilet doors on their own while hearing the sound of flowing water when the pipes are turned off.



There were days where she heard creepy noises like marbles and coins dropping on the floor and chairs being dragged around the house. This little family moved to Kelantan when things got worse. After calling a ustaz, she finally got rid of the doll by burning it completely. Sooooo eeerieee leh!
Guys, putting all these paranormal acts aside let us also remember that we can overcome fear even if we are alone. ‘Cause guess what…you have all the more opportunities to be a strong and independent. Check out this episode of Hello I Have Issues to know more about what it's like living alone and what you can do about it.



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