Sugu Pavithra's Photoshoot: 'We Wanted To Show Who She Really Is', Says Stylist


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Sugu Pavithra's Photoshoot: 'We Wanted To Show Who She Really Is', Says Stylist

From a YouTube star to a full on model.

Over the weekend, several photos of Malaysian YouTube sensation Sugu Pavithra were shared on social media, and they instantly became the talk of the town. 

It is not every day you see a picture of an ordinary Malaysian, who is not a celebrity or a model in the usual sense of the words, blowing up the internet. 

In fact, it is not often you see even pictures of celebrities garnering as much attention as the recent photo shoot of 28-year-old Pavithra for Pepatung magazine did. 

Is she gorgeous or what?
It is no wonder as she looked stunning in the photos taken by Pinography.

For the photoshoot, she was styled by stylist Zul Herizal and her make up was done by celebrity make up artist Razzi Musa.

'We wanted to show her as she is'

Stylist Zul Herizal told Rojak Daily that the team was very clear in what they wanted and it was not to make Pavithra look like a supermodel or a celebrity. 

"We didn't want to change her or make her look like a celebrity. We just embraced what she has and what she is. We wanted her to look like herself," he said. 

Zul said that Pavithra has a beautiful story to share, and it wouldn't have worked if they tried to change her or make her look like someone else. 

"Our intention was to embrace her personality and beauty," he said.


Golden Queen #sugupavithra . #Makeup by #razzimusa #styled @holyblackrapunzel

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We have to say they definitely nailed it, since Pavithra was instantly recognisable despite looking more glamorous than what people are used to seeing her in her YouTube videos and media appearances.

Zul said that the look that they chose for Pavithra was deliberate as they wanted to tell her story. 

"We wanted to showcase her natural beauty and we wanted to give her an Indian look. So we discussed with the designers on what wardrobe they could give us and custom make. 

"It was interesting because it involved a lot of creative designing and idea," he said. 

Pavithra's outfits for the photo shoot were provided by fashion designers Rizman Ruzaini, Wanpa, and Bernard Chandran.

Zul added that the team ended up going with a very simple concept and theme for Pavithra to reflect her personality. 

"She's a simple girl with a simple personality and we wanted to show that," he said. 

The shoot was done in four hours

Pavithra is very busy with her YouTube channel, her family and other responsibilities, so the team that shot her had very limited time to pull off the shoot. 

If you had seen the behind the scenes shots of the photo shoot, you'd see that it was done at her home in Sungai Siput, Perak.

The shoot happened at Sugu Pavithra's home
"We chose to shoot around her house because of time constraints. She is busy and we respected that so we just took a few hours of her time to shoot. 

"We did plan something bigger but because of the time, that was what we could do. 

"She was happy, we were happy," Zul told us. 

Netizens are definitely impressed

To be honest, it's not often we see such outpouring of positiveness when we scour the internet to find out what the public think of a topic. 

But that's exactly what we found when we looked this time. It's heartening to see so many Malaysians supporting the girl with a humble beginning, as well as her dedicated husband. 

People appreciated the photo shoot so much that some even have come up with amazing art work based on it within such a short time. 




What more can we say: Pavithra is a star, on and off the internet.

She definitely deserves all the attention as she's worked so hard to get here.

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