Hup Seng And Gardenia Bag Designer Delighted With Overwhelming Response To Collection

Upcycling with style.

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Hup Seng And Gardenia Bag Designer Delighted With Overwhelming Response To Collection

Designing from the heart.

If you've been eyeing those adorable Gardenia and Hup Seng biscuit themed bags, some sad news for you, the whole collection has been snapped up.

Yummy designs.

Upcycling is the way to go!
Wong Liwan, the talented designer behind WAn's Collection said that she was absolutely shocked by the response.

"I really didn't expect for this to happen...and for it to happen so fast."

"In fact, it started with a custom order and because people liked the design, I accepted a limited number of pre-orders for the item," she said when speaking to Rojak Daily.

The designer said that she was thankful for all the support and hoped that the collection would raise awareness on loving the earth.

Why love the earth?

Well, the collection is meant to promote the idea of reusing and recycling materials. 

"The collection is actually named 'Anastasia' which means resurrection in Greek."

"Just like the name, the items were "reborn" as a different character and with a renewed life," said the Johorian designer.

Inspired to create.

The idea behind the concept

Elaborating on the 'Anastasia' collection, Wan (she prefers to be referred to as Wan) said that it stemmed from a 'plastic reborn workshop' held by a theatre group in Johor Bahru called the Blackroom Illustration and Theatre in 2017.

Creative thoughts.

"They invited me to conduct a plastic upcycling workshop for students to encourage and promote the concept of "reuse & recycle"."

"Following that, I started making clasps and bags using plastic material," she said.

Reuse and recycle.

She added that all her designs focussed on reducing throwing habits and wastage.

"I normally collect wasted fabrics or cloth to make into bags and dolls, to give them a new life," said that shy designer.

Plans for the future

Designs to save mother earth.

As for future collections, Wan laughed and said that she would just go with what inspired her. 

"It comes and goes sometimes, so I cannot predict what I will do for my next collection." 

"But what I can say is, my first experience boutique is opening next month in Batu Pahat. That's what I am looking forward to now," she said.

Classically styled.

Wan, who is currently being aided by her sister (due to the overwhelming response to the Anastasia collection) says she is very grateful to all the love and support provided by everyone. 

"I feel so determined because of all the attention given to the collection.

"I will continue with my original intention of reusing and recycling and persevere to continue on with my passion as long as I can," she said.

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