Oops! Malaysian Newspaper Mistakenly Names Liverpool Player As ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Caption

Blunder of the month.

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Oops! Malaysian Newspaper Mistakenly Names Liverpool Player As ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Caption
As tensions rise in the United States following the Black Lives Matter movement, more and more people around the world, including celebrities and public figures, are taking a stance in supporting the movement.
And one of those people includes Liverpool player, Trent Alexander-Arnold.
Recently, Trent and his football club mates donned the Liverpool jersey with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ instead of their names on the back in a match against Everton on Monday (22 June).
The match made headlines the next day but in Malaysia, it went viral for a different reason.

What a blunder

A local newspaper mistakenly identified the 21-year-old football player as ‘Black Lives Matter’ instead of Alexander-Arnold in a photo caption.

Interestingly, the newspaper correctly identified the rest of the players in the picture.
The photo went viral in Malaysia, but it seems that it has made its way around the world in a short matter of time, with some foreign media covering the blunder.
Netizens were amused with the blunder but there were also some who were upset that the mistake happened.
Prior to the match, Trent shared on Twitter that he’ll be wearing the boots with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ plastered on it to match with his jersey.

He says that, “We have to use our profile, the platforms we have and the spotlight that shines on us to say, it’s time for meaningful change.”
“Black people are viewed differently. We face discrimination in actions but also in thought.”
“This is the moment of change. This is the moment to say enough is enough. This is the moment to make sure it stops now. Racism is a fire that is now burnt out.”
After the match, the Liverpool player says that he’ll be auctioning off his boots, and all the profits raised will go to the Nelson Mandela Foundation for a cause in fighting for freedom and equality for all.
Well, the photo may turn out viral because of the blunder, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise because now more people are more aware of the movement.

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