Amazing Architectural Wonders Right Here In Malaysia.

If you think you have already seen it a 1000 times, the 1001 time has something new to show you.

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Amazing Architectural Wonders Right Here In Malaysia.

Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.” - Julia Morgan

We have truly journeyed a long way as Malaysians…from simple kampung houses to massive skyscrapers in the city! If there’s any reason why Malaysia is a must ‘visit country’, is the fact that we have some well-established, physical attractions. The best part is that each building is uniquely designed with amazing artistry and its own story to tell.
Hey, that’s not all. Even though we have got many more buildings in the making, there are still a lot of old, historical ones that are well-maintained so Malaysians could always get in touch with their roots.



Not to brag, but we surely got quite a number of creative architects, whether the buildings are small or big, they are all great! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a tour right about… now! (here are just a few of the architectural wonders in Malaysia.)


1. The largest theme park in Malaysia.

Sunway Lagoon is the largest theme park that we’ve got in Malaysia and is widely visited by the locals and people from all around the world. Built in 1993, this place consists of 90 amazing attractions that spreads over 88 acres and in case you don’t understand the math, THAT’S HUGE! Not only is it magnificently designed as Asia’s 1st Nickelodeon themed land, it also has the world’s highest, largest and most thrilling water ride called the Vuvuzela.
The architects deserve more than a salute for building a world record!


2. Old is gold.

We are indeed familiar with the saying, “old is gold” and this building truly takes us back in time. According to the Cultural Trip, this fine heritage is over a century old and it has been constructed with four million bricks, 50 tons of steel and iron, and 3,000 cubic feet of timber went into creating the two-storey, F-shaped building, which had to be reinforced in certain areas due to having been built on a river bank.
It is historically known to house the superior courts of Malaysia before it was moved to Putrajaya.


3. A place of history.

The building is known as the Teratak Pepatih Building which was once used to host the National Al-Quran Recitation Competition but later it was officially declared as the state museum in 1986. This uniquely constructed building is under the influence of the Minangkabau architecture. The most obvious design to indicate the Minangkabau artistry is the pointy, curved roofs shaped like a buffalo horn.


4. It's beautiful, it's majestic, it's Instagram worthy! 

This exquisite landmark found in Putrajaya surely caught the attention of passers-by. Located in the corner of Putrajaya Botanical Garden, this 18,000 square feet construction has fine crafting’s of Moorish architecture that resembles a diplomatic tie between the Malaysian and Moroccan government. Today, locals and tourists pay a casual visit just to admire the artistry of this beauty. Even wedding photoshoots are taken there as it creates a romantic environment for couples.


5. Start your day with a good vibe.


This elegant urban glass house cafe is located in MAHSA College. This simple aesthetic structure highlights the glass exterior from floor to the ceiling and has fine black metal beams and brick walls that just compliments the layout. Lastly, the natural light that passes through the glass in the day creates a welcoming, calm and tranquil vibe.
Don’t we just kill for a peaceful environment like this? If you’re a foodie or just want to start your day with a good vibe, you wouldn’t want to miss out coming here.


6. Spectacular crystal mosque.

Source: New Straits Times

With the use of steel, glass and crystal for its development, the crystal mosque is regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. On top of that, this is the country’s first built-in IT infrastructure with WIFI connection for the visitors...courtesy of the fellow architects, of course.
The extraordinary display of different colours of lights is only found at night and if you’re dying to watch it, head to Kuala Terengganu! This mosque truly would’ve brightened the entire neighbourhood!




7. Looking at things from a different angle.

Source: Pinterest

As you can see, it’s a traditional Sabah kampung house built upside-down and it’s the first ever to be built in Malaysia. Although some may find it a little unnecessary, this spectacular architecture has become a tourist attraction in Sabah. So, it’s no different that architects need them too to create new buildings...even if it’s 180 degrees turn.
As Tadashi Hamada once said, “Look for a new angle.”




8. Go green before the green goes.

Source: University College of Technology Sarawak

The architects must really have a heart for the environment to pull this off, right? UCTS adopts a green building concept that allows smart energy conservation and environmental preservation which led them to achieve a platinum rating in the Green Building Index (GBI). This precisely built infrastructure is so environmentally friendly and welcoming for anyone who goes there.
Here’s a shout out to all college students. If this is your study environment, you would never want to leave!

Source: University College of Technology Sarawak

There is so much more amazing architecture to discover within the country itself. Most of us wouldn’t have gone to some of these places yet…or worse haven’t heard of it till now! Anyway, as far as the level of creativity and innovation could take us, we should learn to let our appreciation for it go further. These astounding landmarks don’t build themselves you know.
Here’s one last thought to ponder. If you could spend your “me-time” in any of these places, which would you choose? Even better, would you consider living there alone? Watch this episode of  Hello I Have Issues to help you decide your next step into adulthood.

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