Japan Launches First Ever Drive-In Haunted House Because They Are Japan

Why not, right?

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Japan Launches First Ever Drive-In Haunted House Because They Are Japan

Pay to get scared? Sure, why not?

The whole COVID-19 pandemic is scary enough as it is, but for Japan - the land of long-haired ghosts and creepy ghost children - the coronavirus is nothing to be afraid of.

Which was why a Japanese company came up with a brilliant plan to entertain visitors and scare them poopless at the same time.

Because, Japan, amirite?

One-of-a-kind experience

Are you ready to be spooked?
According to a report by SoraNews, the company named Kowagarasetai has launched what they claim to be Japan's first drive-in haunted house experience!

The two-day scare fest will reportedly take place inside a garage (not sure if it's really haunted though) located in Tokyo's Higashi Azabu district.

And get this: the event even has a creepy back story.

“This is a garage where a horrible incident occurred long ago. Now, people say that if you park your car inside and honk your horn three times, something will happen.”

We mean, we know exactly what's going to happen; we've seen enough Asian ghost stories.

Yup, it does look scary.
So, how exactly does this drive-in haunted house work, you wonder?

Like a McDonald's drive-through, you basically just drive to the garage and sit inside your parked car.

The organisers will then play a chilling story on your car's radio, while a horde of ghosts, spirits, zombies and other creepy creatures will terrorise you from outside the car.

If you like your horror story with a little more gore, you also can choose to have your car splashed with blood (hopefully not real blood) for an additional charge.

Want more blood? Also can.
This drive-in haunted house will only be held for two days - 4 July and 5 July.

The event is priced at 8,000 yen (RM318) per car, and if you don't have one, you can rent one from the organisers for an additional 1,000 yen (RM13).

And don't worry about the the coronavirus, because social distancing rules apply too:

Ghosts also need to be safe.
OK, this sounds and looks kinda fun? Can we have this event in Malaysia too, please?

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