“My MCO Driving License” – Girl ‘Accidentally’ Forgot To Take Off Her Mask While Renewing License

Limited edition license!

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“My MCO Driving License” – Girl ‘Accidentally’ Forgot To Take Off Her Mask While Renewing License
@nabihahaiman Twitter/Saifullizan Tamadi


Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) has transitioned to the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), a lot of Malaysians are rushing to renew their road tax and driving licenses.
This includes one Malaysian girl, Nabihah Aiman, who recently went to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to renew her license.
But the license she received at the end of the day became the butt of all jokes online, and one that is probably the rarest in the country.

An honest mistake 

Nabihah shared a photo of her license on Twitter - one that shows her with her face mask still attached partially to her face. Netizens, of course, were amused.
She explained that when she was at the office to renew her driving license, the officer-in-charge told her that her photo isn’t in the database, and asked if she had brought any photos with her.
The 20-year-old said she didn’t, and the officer asked her to take a photo there and then, which caused her to panic as she wasn’t formally dressed for it, but she obliged nonetheless.
Upon collecting her license, another officer asked why she didn't take off her face mask.
It was then that Nabihah realised that in the photo, she was still partially wearing her face mask...and also her sling bag.
After taking a good look at her license, she joking replied to the officer: “Its okay sir, may this license serve as a memory that it was made during MCO. I’ll probably never get the chance to take the same photo again.”
Her tweet has received over 13,000 retweets and close to 31,000 likes to date.
Netizens were amused with her story and some felt sorry for her, and surprisingly, there were also a few who shared the same fate as her.
Well, Nabihah, you better keep your license carefully as it may become a great story for many years to come – or even, during roadblocks!

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