[VIDEO] This Malaysian Artist Did A Spot On Cover Of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White"

Check out the video and judge for yourself.

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[VIDEO] This Malaysian Artist Did A Spot On Cover Of Michael Jackson's

Hitting the right notes.

He's got one of the most iconic singing voices, persona and style.

Who are we talking about?

Well, it's none other than the King of Pop himself, the late Michael Jackson.

A legendary singer.
While many loved his showmanship, you cannot deny that he's a damn good singer.

Hitting those staccato and legato rhythms with precision and peppering his songs with those iconic 'whoo's and 'urgh's are no easy feat, and not many singers out there can do what he did.

In fact, most singers would probably just stay away from doing an MJ cover, but one Malaysian singer wowed netizens recently after posting his version of "Black Or White".

An ode to a legend

Replying nonchalantly to questions by Rojak Daily, Malaysian singer Santesh Kumar simply said that he picked that particular song because he knew it well.

"It took me a few months to put the cover together," he said, adding that he's been a fan of Michael Jackson since he was seven.

When asked about the most challeging part of doing the cover accompanied by guitarist Lawrence Sosai, Santesh said it was the King of Pop's pronunciation of the words.

But words did not get in the way in the end, with many netizens commenting that Santesh's version sounded just like Michael Jackson himself.

Words of praise.

"Thank God," he said, explaining that he was afraid of negative backlash after posting the cover on social media.

On plans for the future, Santesh simply replied: "I will do more MJ covers".

So check out his page you guys and maybe comment with a request or two. 

You never know, it might be the next cover that he does.

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