You Can Now Get A Durian Bag To Show Off Your Love For Durian

Loud and proud.

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You Can Now Get A Durian Bag To Show Off Your Love For Durian
Facebook/Famrak Shop

You can maybe put a small durian inside.

We Malaysians love our durian, there's no denying that.

We love them so much, we can have durian for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And now, thanks to a brilliant fashion brand from Thailand, we can now proudly show off our love for the king of fruits - minus the smell, of course.

For the love of durian

Show off your love for durian.
Famrak, a Thailand-based fashion and accessories shop, have recently turned heads with their line of durian bags and purses.

We have to say, these bags do look almost like the real thing.

Probably will hurt a little bit if you drop it on your foot.
According to Famrak, the durian bags are made of rubber (not real durian shell, thank God), making them more durable and completely washable, in case you accidentally drop a real durian fruit on it.

Famrak also guarantees that the colour of your durian bag will not fade.

And just like the real thing, the bags come in different sizes as well, you know, for your different moods:

Different sizes for all your different needs.
Hey, even the prices of the bags are almost similar to the prices of a Musang King.

The bags start from THB390 (RM54) for the small one, all the way to THB990 (RM137) for the big one. 

And we know what you're going to ask next: yes, they do deliver to Malaysia.

You can have it sent over to Malaysia too.
If durian is not really your thing, fret not; Famrak has other quirky food-themed bags and purses for you to splurge your hard-earned money on, like this pufferfish sling bag, for example:

For more cool stuff, you can check out Famrak's Facebook page here.

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