[VIDEO] Kindergartner's Cute Response To What Kills The Coronavirus: 'Farts'

Well, he might be on to something…

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[VIDEO] Kindergartner's Cute Response To What Kills The Coronavirus: 'Farts'
Buletin TV3

Good answer!

Last week, a 17-year-old student went viral when he said that he has been binge watching K-dramas and sleeping a lot throughout the three-month period of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in an interview during the school reopening.

And now, a kindergarten student has also gone viral for his adorable, imaginative interview with local TV station TV3.

Kill it with farts

On 1 July, kindergartens are allowed to resume operations and to see whether these toddlers understand what’s going on with the pandemic, the TV3 reporter asked a student about COVID-19.
“Do you know what COVID-19 is?” the reporter said.
“COVID-19 has spikes, just like a dinosaur,” the kid, Muhammad Rifqi Mohd Rizuan, replied.
“And how do we fight COVID-19?” she continued.
“With farts! They’re very smelly!” he said enthusiastically.
Rifqi’s answer left netizens in stitches as many were amused with the short interview.
Some even said his answer might be practical, as silent deadly farts can encourage social distancing.
That’s some imagination you got there, Rifqi! Who knows, you might be right one day.

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