Your Brewing Coffee, Your Personality

Think that little topping of caramel drizzle has no hidden meaning?? Think again!

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Your Brewing Coffee, Your Personality

You know the saying you are what you eat? Well we’re backing it up with facts my dudes & dudettes!!

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula conducted a survey on 1,000 coffee drinkers to assess numerous common personality styles and psychological traits including introversion and extraversion; patience; perfectionism; warmth; vigilance; sensitivity; and social boldness, among others.


The results revealed something really interesting, not spot on however, but may lead somewhere in between two personalities.


Chuppp!! Before we look at the results, how about you try answering this quiz first. There might be a little correlation between your coffee order and your love life.




Now the results of the survey showed that black coffee drinkers are known to be old school, simple, non-nonsense kind of person (re: Old people) LOL okay lah not necessarily old people but they possess “very matured” traits. They tend to be very quiet, resistant to change and can be a little quiet and moody.. (see told you, old people *ehem* boomers).


As for Latte drinkers or generally folks who add milk, cream and sugar into their drinks, well.. they’re known to be people pleasers. Think about it, they add sweetness to reduce the bitterness in their coffee, this resonates in their daily lives too. These people are prone to neglect their own wellbeing but will go out of their way to help other people in need.

Meanwhile for people who like to order frozen or blended coffees, they are known to be a social butterfly. They love trying new things and can be quite reckless too. NGL.. If you can order ice blended coffee with sprinkles and gold dust you ought to be a little adventurous. While they are known to be spontaneous and childlike, these group of people are highly imaginative and can be quite creative too.


Double decaf soy lattes with foam drinkers on the other hand is the complete opposite, they like things to be in order and are known to be quite the control freak. To an extent they are known to be quite selfish and a little on the sensitive side. Apart from that, they are very aware of their bodies and what they choose to consume so they tend to be more keen to make healthier food and lifestyle choices.


Instant coffee lovers are a whole other breed. They are known to be laid back and quite the procrastinator too. They are unfazed with a lot of things in life and approach life as it goes. These 3 in 1 coffee lovers are easy going and can easily connect with people but because they are too laid back they tend to neglect their health and put off any work that needs to be done. 


Seee. What you consume does make a huge impact, not only to your health but generally the way you are as a person. Now remember, this study is conducted only on 1000 respondents so it might not be the most credible source there is. However it’s fun to see how coffee could be the way you can gauge a person’s disposition. Gauge only okay.. don’t be too quick to label them right away!!


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