We Found The Real Story Behind This Viral Image Of A Gangster Recruitment Ad In Sabah

Just for laughs.

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We Found The Real Story Behind This Viral Image Of A Gangster Recruitment Ad In Sabah
Cinema Escapist

#fakenews lah, obviously.

If you've been seeing or sharing this classifieds advert allegedly recruiting for gangsters in Sabah, we'll tell you now, it's #fakenews lah.

The advert entitled 'Pengambilan Gangster Di Sabah, Gaji Ikut Tegap Badan' (Recruiting Gangsters In Sabah, Salary According To Body Size) looks pretty realistic though. 

Errrr.. really?
Suspicions on the authenticity of the "advert", however, begin after reading the title and additional skill requirements, which include being able to defecate at eateries, vomit on tables and beat up people by the side of the road.

Typical gangster behaviour, right?

Duping people year after year

Cleverly packaged to look like someone took a photograph of the classifieds page, the picture crops out the contact number (presumably of the gangster recruiter) and even includes other unrelated adverts to make it look more authentic. 

A larger version.
To add to it all, on the right side, several words possibly spelling out New Sabah Times can be seen sooooooo just to be sure, Rojak Daily contacted them directly to iron things out - and they actually replied to our enquiry.

"No, we never publish anything of sorts in our Classifieds section. That creative picture is a running joke and will make its rounds each year."

"It's associated with our paper due to the format style in the page. Hope that clears it up," responded New Sabah Times, who, like us, were equally amused and thanked us for reaching out to clarify the matter.

They added that similar questions are often directed to them every year without fail.
Sooooooooo, people, now you know lah.

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