[VIDEO] Watch Gordon Ramsay Turn Rendang Into An Omelette

We mean, it's OK, we guess.

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[VIDEO] Watch Gordon Ramsay Turn Rendang Into An Omelette
YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

Sounds like a pretty awesome breakfast dish.

If you love food (of course you do, you're a Malaysian!), you would know who Gordon Ramsay is.

The brain behind the 'MasterChef' franchise, a seven Michelin Star chef and owner of countless of world-class restaurants around the globe.

You could say that he can do it all - including turning a dish we Malaysians are very familiar with into an omelette.

A perfectly yummy pairing 

The 53-year-old celebrity chef proved that everything is possible when he turned rendang into an omelette.

Yep, he made rendang omelette a thing.

It's easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.
Ramsay is currently in Indonesia to film his brand new series 'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted'.

He even provided a step-by-step guide on how to make the rendang omelette in a nine-minute video titled 'Scrambled: Indonesia'. 

If you've made rendang before, it should be fairly easy for you to replicate Ramsay's rendang omelette, as he uses the same ingredients you would use to make rendang.

Learn how to make Gordon's yummy omelette.
However, the star of the dish - the omelette, of course - looks a bit different, because he adds onions, ginger, chillis, shallots and kafir lime leaves to the mix.

Leave the mixture in the pan until the garlic and shallots are caramelised.

After breaking and whisking several eggs, he then adds the egg mixture into the shallot mixture that's on the pan.

Once the mixture is two-thirds cooked, he adds the rendang mixture to top of the eggs as they cook and voila, the birth of a brand new dish.

Can we have some, please?
It's actually easier to watch his step-by-step guide below:

Alternatively, you can also visit his website for the full recipe.

Be right back, we're definitely going to give this a try.

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