Move Aside, Grumpy Cat; 'Permanently Sad' Cat Is The Internet's Newest Star

Aww, so sad, so cute.

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Move Aside, Grumpy Cat; 'Permanently Sad' Cat Is The Internet's Newest Star

This kitty is a mood.

The internet loves cats.

For some strange reasons, photos and videos of cats doing extremely funny things will instantly brighten our day.

And speaking of cats, we've seen our fair share of 'Grumpy Cats':

Well, move aside, Grumpy Cats, because being grumpy is so last season.

Meet 'Permanently Sad' cat.

Why so glum, chum?

Awww, look at his sad face.
A kitty cat has become an internet sensation in China, thanks to the unfortunate markings on his face that make him look permanently sad.

The unique colouring around the cat's eyes make it look like it has furrowed eyebrows, and it's constantly sad about something.

According to a report by Ladbible, a student by the name of Xin first spotted the cat on a street and took videos of it.

She then uploaded the clips on her Douyin account (China's version of TikTok), and of course, the clips instantly went viral with over two million views to date, according to the report.

Now, millions of netizens on the internet are obsessed with Permanently Sad Cat, with some calling him (her?) a "real-life emoji".
Sad cat is sad.
Xin believes the cat is a stray, and since her video clips went viral, Xin said on her page that she's been back regularly to visit the cat.

She could also be seen feeding the kitty with snacks and water in one of the videos posted on her page.

Unfortunately, as much as she wants to bring the kitty home, Xin told her followers that she's already got a cat at home, but she promised them that she will occasionally check up on him/her to make sure the feline is OK.

Looking at you...sadly.
Don't be so sad, OK? 2020 is coming to a close in five months time.

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