Gucci’s New Beauty Campaign Features A Model With Down Syndrome And She Is Stunning!

It’s about time other designer brands jumped on the bandwagon.

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Gucci’s New Beauty Campaign Features A Model With Down Syndrome And She Is Stunning!
David PD Hyde

You are beautiful, Ellie.

In this era, people are calling for more inclusivity in fashion when it comes to the models featured in fashion spreads, magazine covers, or even fashion shows.
Inclusivity does not necessarily mean your skin tone, but it can also be the real you, even if you don’t fit into the conventional, stereotypical bracket.
Gucci has recently stepped up to the plate by featuring an 18-year-old model with Down Syndrome as the face of their beauty product – Gucci Mascara L’Obscur.

A move that won praises

Hailing from Essex, England, Ellie Goldstein was chosen to be part of Gucci and Vogue Italia’s #theguccibeautyglitch campaign.
You go, girl!
Goldstein was scouted for the campaign on social media earlier this year alongside four other models, in line with Gucci’s goal of “supporting emerging talents and promoting the theme of unconventional and non-stereotypical beauty.”
“I designed L’Obscur mascara for an authentic person who uses make-up to tell their story of freedom, in their way,” Gucci creative designer Alessandro Michele said.
"We called it L'Obscur because this word balances charm and mystery."

According to the teenager’s modeling agency, Gucci’s photo of Ellie is “the most liked photo on the brand’s account”, which has amassed over 800,000 likes to date.
Gucci fans flooded the brand’s Instagram comment section to compliment both Ellie and Gucci on the new amazing feat.
We hope more fashion houses and brands will follow suit in featuring unconventional models that are as equally stunning.

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