Child-Sized Bats Exist In The Philippines, Proving That Yes, Nature Is Scary AF

Picture of one found in Philippines went viral recently.

  • Wednesday, 8 July 2020
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Child-Sized Bats Exist In The Philippines, Proving That Yes, Nature Is Scary AF

Huge but harmless

The world is a terrifying place where poisonous plants and animals that are large enough to kill you in a moment, and humans who are destroying them all, co-exist. 

Recently, Twitter was shocked when to find out that there is yet another species of animal it was not aware of - the giant golden crowned flying fox

The bat, which is native to the Philippines, has a wingspan of up to six feet (or two metres), so we understand the surprise. 

The realisation of the ignorance came after Twitter user @AlexJoestar662 posted a picture of the bat that looked to be the size of a human. 
The tweet instantly went viral, as the post has been retweeted more than 110,000 times on the social media site.

Other Twitter users also joined in the conversation by posting more photos of the bat that, to be honest, can fly away with one of our Rojak Daily writers.
To be fair, the animal does look terrifying in the picture, and netizens were quick to comment on the fact. 


The largest bat species in the world

Despite the bat looking like the size of your little baby sister, it is actually not that big.

A report by Daily Mail suggests that the angle of which the picture was taken makes the flying fox look bigger than it actually is, with another Twitter user from the Philippines confirming that they have a huge wing span, but the body is not that big.

According to Science Alertthe body of the golden crowned flying fox barely extends 30 centimetres in length. 

They are roughly the size of a small dog, but then again, a small dog-sized bat is still pretty scary, nonetheless. 

We’ll still scared.
The only reason this type of animal is not well-known amongst the general public is probably because they are only found in the Philippines, and they live either in caves or jungles.

And also because human beings keep destroying their habitats, they're going extinct, according to Batworlds.

The harmless vegetarian bats probably have a better reason to be afraid of us than the other way round.

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