A Local Foodie Page Suggests Pairing Raw Salmon With Kopi O, And We Don't Know What To Feel

But seriously, why?

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A Local Foodie Page Suggests Pairing Raw Salmon With Kopi O, And We Don't Know What To Feel

Breakfast of champs.

Over the years, we've seen our fair share of weird food combos, because we Malaysians are a creative bunch when it comes to food.

Recently, we have Malaysians eating durian with fried rice, but that, we can still accept.

The latest trend, however, we find it a little hard to swallow - literally and figuratively.

Like, why?

Raw salmon and Kopi O, anybody?
A Facebook page by the name of 'Kia Eat Play' recently shared a post with photos showing how a couple of Malaysians are enjoying raw salmon for breakfast: by pairing it with a cup of Kopi O.

Yep, you read that right.

"This is the way to eat breakfast! Are you craving fresh salmon? Then drop by this seafood retail store at OUG, Kuala Lumpur," the Facebook post, which was uploaded on Monday (6 July), read.

The Facebook page recommended their followers to visit Top Catch Fisheries, a seafood retail store, to get fresh salmon imported from Japan.

The page even suggested ordering a cup of Kopi O from a nearby kopitiam to pair with the salmon.

If that combo doesn't gross you out enough, one of the photos even depict a girl dipping the salmon slice into the cup of hot Kopi O:

Did she really do it?
As you would expect, Malaysian foodies, like us, don't know what to feel about the odd pairing:

Page admin clarifies

After the post went viral (and presumably grossing out every Malaysian who came across it), the admin of Kia Eat Play came out and say that the pictures were just for show, and they advised Malaysians against dipping raw salmon into a cup of coffee.

Oh, thank god; for a moment we thought it was real.

But hey, if their goal is to get eyeballs on the seafood retail shop, we guess it worked.

Now, please don't play with your food and eat your salmon the way it should be eaten - by blending it and turning it into a protein shake.

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