This Restaurant In Penang Is Serving Musang King Fried Rice With Sambal Belacan

Umm, hello pulis?

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This Restaurant In Penang Is Serving Musang King Fried Rice With Sambal Belacan

Are we supposed to eat this?

We all know how much we Malaysians love the durian.

It's evident by the number of durian-based food we've seen invading menus the past couple of years: durian nuggets, durian pizza and durian lava cake.

But nothing beats this weird concoction recently discovered by a travel food vlogger.

Weirdest durian dish ever?

Would you dare to try this?
The vlogger, who goes by the monicker The Food Ranger, recently shocked Malaysians when he stumbled upon a restaurant in Penang that serves Musang King durian fried rice with sambal belacan.

Yeah, we're not kidding: it's actually a thing.

He actually loved it.
The vlogger, whose real name is Trevor James, posted a video on the unexpected dish on his Facebook page last week, and it has since gone viral.

In the five-minute video, James takes his viewers through the process of how the dish is made.

As far as we can see in the video, the fried rice was cooked using your usual fried rice ingredients such as shrimp, cabbage, carrots, egg, rice, and soy sauce.

The 'cherry' on top of the fried rice.
Then comes the highlight of the dish: Musang King flesh.

Once the fried rice is ready, the durian flesh is added on top of the rice, and finished with a generous serving of homemade sambal belacan.

As if there's not enough flavour to the dish, the cook squeezed a little lime onto the sambal, because why not, right?

Here's the full video below:

We know what you're all dying to find out: how does this crazy durian dish taste?

James actually loved it.

"Actually, it works!

“You can actually see the durian flesh infused into the rice. And the sambal goes well. That's one thing I'm surprised with. The sambal, you think it wouldn't go with that sweetness from the durian, but it does," he said after tasting the dish.

If you guys feel like having a go at this, you can check out Ah Chong Fried Rice in Penang. Do let us know what you think if you've tried it.

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