Scientists: Contracting COVID-19 Could Potentially Lead To Severe Brain Damage


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Scientists: Contracting COVID-19 Could Potentially Lead To Severe Brain Damage

The virus is now more dangerous than ever.

While contracting the Coronavirus sounds bad enough, scientists have recently found that it could do more damage to your body.

Especially your brain.

It affects your brian too

According to a report by Reuters, researchers at the University College London (UCL) said a total of 43 patients tested positive for COVID-19 suffered from either temporary brain dysfunction, strokes and nerve damage, as well as other serious brain effects.

The UCL study, published in the journal Brain, revealed that nine patients who had brain inflammation were diagnosed with a rare condition called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

The report also said that ADEM is usually seen in children and can be triggered by viral infections.

However, the researchers noted that it would normally see about one adult patient with ADEM per month at their specialist London clinic.

Take care of your brain.
This figure has increased to at least one a week during the study period, according to the report.

Despite COVID-19 being a respiratory illness, specialist brain doctors and neuroscientists are concerned are concerned about the emerging evidence of its impact on the brain.

Hence, Ross Paterson, who co-led the study, cautioned that doctors need to be aware of possible neurological effects because early diagnosis can improve patient outcomes.

And always remember, guys; mask on and practice good hygiene.

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