Single Mother Helps Build Furniture For Daughter’s School

Good job!

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Single Mother Helps Build Furniture For Daughter’s School

Building better facilities for the kids.

If you can’t afford to donate, there are always other ways to help out.

Musukubi Shamsuddin, 48, couldn’t afford to contribute money to her daughter’s school. Instead, she chose to help out by making furniture for the school instead.

Yes, for the whole school!

Amazing effort!

According to a report in Bernama, the Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) committee member at the Sekolah Rendah Islam Nur Ehsan in Bota, Perak said the furniture was her contribution for the 154 students at the primary school.

Putting creativity to good use

Always having an interest in carpentry, Musukubi usually makes bookshelves, storage cupboards for the Quran, prayer mats, desks, chairs and counter tables using 1.27cm-thick plywood.

“I felt that I could use my skill to make these (types of) furniture, so I did it."

“Besides, I noticed that there was a lot of furniture (in the school) that could not be used anymore,” she said adding that she did not charge for the furniture she made for the school.

A wonderful contribution.

For her project, she referred to pictures on social media and constructed the furniture using wood provided by the school.

She has been working since the recovery movement control order (RMCO) came into effect, managing to complete two to three items within a day.

Such dedication! Bravo for your effort!


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