Indian Restaurant A Hit For Serving Mask-Shaped Parottas

Looks Yummy!

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Indian Restaurant A Hit For Serving Mask-Shaped Parottas

I'll have one mask for lunch please!

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired the creation of uniquely shaped parottas in India! 

As a reminder to patrons, the ingenious owner of a restaurant in Madurai, India decided to sell parottas in the shape of face masks.

According to a report in Malay Mail quoting Times Of India, the idea came about after restaurant owner Lakshmana Kumar realised that a large number of people do not wear masks when out in public there.

Many not wearing masks.

“The recent spike in Madurai’s COVID-19 cases also prompted me to create the parottas so that customers who eat in my restaurant would get used to the concept of face masks to wear the actual ones."

“The layers of the mask parottas are tactfully kneaded, and we also have a face mask as a guideline to follow the shape and size exactly,” he said.

Rising popularity

Mask parottas in Madurai.

Art could be in all forms.

The mask parottas proved to be a hit with Lakshmana’s customers as the demand for it has increased.

Before this the restaurant only served the dish in the evening but now, due to the increased demand, the dish is also served for breakfast.

“Free masks are also handed out to all our customers to raise awareness about the importance of wearing it,” he said.

Anyone want to make this in Malaysia?

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