Kids Playing Chase In Shanghai Museum Break World’s Largest Glass Castle


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Kids Playing Chase In Shanghai Museum Break World’s Largest Glass Castle

It is now a majestically broken castle.

If you’ve never seen the world’s largest glass-blown castle, you’ll probably never get to see it in its original state after this.

And it's not because the museum will be keeping it under lock and key, it's because it's already been broken.

Yeah, we know: massive yikes!

Costly mistake

Our heart breaks.
News site Shanghaiist reported that the priceless piece of art, which took Spanish glassblower Miguel Arribas 500 hours to make, has been partly shattered by kids playing inside the Shanghai Museum of Glass!

The Fantasy Castle, built based on the famous Cinderella Castle at Disney World, was given back to the museum in 2016 and has been on display there since.

It is worth over 450,000 Yuan (RM200,000) because it has spires made out of 24-karat gold.

Of course, the two children who decided to play chase in the museum did not know this.

According to the report, the kids chased after one another, crossed the security barrier and bumped into the display case.

The castle fell to the floor, causing the main spire to break. Other parts of the structure were also damaged in the process.

It is worth over RM200,000.
The incident reportedly happened back in May, but the museum only revealed what had happened to its prized possession in a statement recently.

The museum said that they are hoping to bring in a couple of artists to repair the damage, but their arrival could be delayed to the coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, the parents of the two children have apologised and promised to take responsibility for the repair.

Let's hope the kids have learned a very valuable lesson - quite literally.

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