Higher Education Ministry To Investigate Racism Allegations Against Limkokwing University

Getting to the bottom of the matter.

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Higher Education Ministry To Investigate Racism Allegations Against Limkokwing University
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University to be probed.

Limkokwing University was in the spotlight a few weeks back for several racism allegations.

The major incidents include the putting up of a racist billboard at the university and disturbing claims by students alleging blatant on-campus racism.

Looks like those allegations are being taken seriously as the Higher Education Ministry has initiated a probe relating to the matter.


According to New Straits Times, Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad confirmed this and said that the university has been asked to explain themselves. 

"The Higher Education Ministry has taken immediate action by issuing a show-cause letter to the university, asking for clarification over the matter."

"Although the university has made an apology, the ministry is still continuing its investigation to ensure the good name and image of the country is preserved," she said.

The comment was made as part of her parliamentary written reply to Dr Ong Kian Ming on the issue.

FYI, the university has taken down the distateful billboard but they have yet to officially comment on the other racism allegations.

Racism will not be tolerated

No to racism.

"The ministry will not compromise on issues related to racism and will ensure all complaints on this matter are resolved."

"Section 89 (1) of the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555) clearly states that the membership of a private higher educational institution shall be opened to all persons irrespective of sex, race, religion, nationality or class."

"The ministry can take firm action against any quarter, including the management of a private higher education institution, who is found guilty of racism or similar," she said.

We hope the ministry gets to the bottom of this matter soon!

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