This Man Is Looking For A M'sian Who May Have Lost A Ring Found In A Box Of Gloves He Received

He's in the US and the gloves were manufactured in Malaysia.

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This Man Is Looking For A M'sian Who May Have Lost A Ring Found In A Box Of Gloves He Received
Chris Rasbach and Clay Banks on Unsplash

Is this your ring?

To what lengths would you go to to return something valuable that may have been lost by the owner.

Whatever it is, most of us are probably not as determined or patient as Ohio resident Chris Rasbach.

Chris ordered a box of latex gloves that was possibly manufactured in Malaysia a few years ago and found an engagement ring underneath the last glove.

Did you lose this ring?

Since then he has been on the hunt for the ring owner and has spread the word on various social media platforms and even contacted the glove company stated on the box.

"As to why I am doing this...  this ring does not belong to me. It represents a lifetime promise and commitment to someone.That’s priceless."

"It belongs on the hand of the owner," said Chris when speaking to Rojak Daily.

The pain of losing something precious

A rough idea of how big the ring is when photographed beside a banana.

Chris added that he had once lost his wedding ring about five years ago and losing something so precious is never easy.

"I never found it and it still pains me to this day that I wear a replacement," he said adding that this was one reason he was determined to try and locate the owner of the ring.

As for its value, Chris said that he had brought the ring to a jeweler for inspection and while refusing to reveal if the stones are real or fake (in case someone tries to claim it's theirs for its value), Chris said that the ring has a maker's mark, but he could not locate the maker.

"The setting of the stones is old style so it fits the profile (of an engagement ring)," he said.

Not a search for fame

Chris with his two sons.

Chris also explained that he was not trying to gain fame from his search but just wanted to do the right thing. 

Other than Malaysia, the glove company also has manufacturing plants in China and Thailand so the owner could possibly be from these countries as well.

"When my family came home, I sat my 10-year-old son down and explained to him that this was not a windfall." 

"As good people we need to do our best to find the owners as we would want someone to do this for us. This ring represents a promise to someone, a commitment for life," he said.

Such a sweetheart kan!

We really hope Chris manages to locate the owner.

Anyway, if you think this ring looks familiar or possibly know someone who may have lost something that looks like it, send Chris an email at

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us. Spread the word k!

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