UM Denies Awarding Honorary PhD to ‘Marketing Maven’ Azizan Osman

The official statement was issued after citizens began questioning his academic credibility on social media sites.

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UM Denies Awarding Honorary PhD to ‘Marketing Maven’ Azizan Osman
Azizan Osman is a public figure known for his string of popular marketing seminars such as “Millionaire Marketing Mastery” (MMM) and “Intensif Magnet Kekayaan & Kejayaan” (IMKK). Thousands of people especially entrepreneurs throng to his seminars to learn a thing or two about marketing from this self-proclaimed successful marketer. Participants including celebrities such as Afdlin Shauki and Heliza Helmi also endorses his seminars.

Image: Azizan Osman Official Facebook page
According to his biodata on his personal website, he claims to have worked with big companies such as TM, DiGi, Celcom, HSBC, Standard Chartered dan WWF as head of marketing campaign. Not only that, he also has a PhD in entrepreneurship.

However, today Universiti Malaya (UM) refuted his claims and denies awarding Azizan any honorary PhD. The statement comes after a debate between netizens questioning the legitimacy of Azizan’s doctorate. The statement was issued via their official Facebook page.

The university stressed that they “have never” awarded the title to Azizan Osman.

“It is hoped that this explanation will help clear everyone’s confusion related to his claims.”

A check on his company's website, Richworks revealed that he had indeed mentioned his PhD in entrepreneurship was awarded by UM. Azizan has yet to respond to this controversy.

Image: Richworks
Since the statement was issued, his official Facebook page has been receiving a lot of negative comments from netizens. It also appears that the admin of the page is actively deleting all of these comments. So Azizan, the whole of Malaysia is waiting for your next move. Will you keep mum about this or will you produce proof of your doctorate? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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