Clever Klang Boy Uses Barter System To Trade Four Fishes For A Brand-New Fishing Rod

Smart fellow!

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Clever Klang Boy Uses Barter System To Trade Four Fishes For A Brand-New Fishing Rod

When there's a will, there's a way.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

A young boy from Klang, who is a fishing enthusiast, recently had his fishing rod broken after a fishing trip. He wanted to buy a new fishing rod but he did not have cash in his hands.

Instead, what he had were four plump ‘ikan haruan’ that he just caught.

A man with a brilliant plan.
A brilliant idea crept into his mind as he marched to a fishing shop to attempt to trade the fishes he just caught for a brand-new fishing rod.

Did the technique work in today’s age where money matters?

Apparently, it did!

Brilliant kid

Roob Ganesan, who owns Drave Fishing Sdn Bhd, shared the incredible story in several Twitter posts recently. Ganesan shared that he received a phone call from one of his staff saying that there was a boy looking for him.

“Turns out it was just a kid who wanted to get a new fishing rod because his old one broke.

“The kid said he had no money, but he had some ‘ikan haruan’ (snakehead murrel). I looked down in his bucket and I saw four cute little snakeheads," he wrote.
Without a second thought, Ganesan accepted the boy's trade and gave him a new fishing rod, and his reason was simple:

“It was the first time I ever made a sale using fish. But since he didn’t steal and worked hard to catch those fish. I gave him the fishing rod,” he said.
The story has warmed the hearts of many Twitter users, with many praising Ganesan's goodwill as well as the boy's street smarts:
Moral of the story: if you are honest in whatever you are doing, it could get you to where you want (or what you want).

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