Viral Perak Woman Who Flouted Home Quarantine Tests Positive For COVID-19

You should’ve stayed home, mak cik.

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Viral Perak Woman Who Flouted Home Quarantine Tests Positive For COVID-19
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If you ate at the same restaurant at the same time, please self-quarantine!

Earlier this week, social media was abuzz when a photo of a woman wearing a pink wristband, meant for those undergoing home quarantine upon returning from abroad, having a meal in public went viral.
The photo caused a backlash among Malaysians, since she should be staying at home and not putting others at risk.
However, it may be too late for that now, as the woman from Perak has reportedly been tested positive for COVID-19.

Happened earlier this month

According to Sinar Harian, the individual has been identified as a 72-year-old woman and is now currently warded at the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh after her second swab test came out positive.
The viral pink wristband.
It was reported that she arrived in the country on 4 July and has been ordered to undergo Home Surveillance Order (HSO) despite her first test being negative.
However, on 6 July, she reportedly went out with her family to have a meal at a restaurant in Bandar Meru Raya upon returning from Selangor - and that was when the viral photo was taken.
“The woman is still undergoing COVID-19 treatment in hospital together with her son after both tested positive,” a source told Sinar Harian.
She was admitted to the hospital on 17 July, just 13 days upon returning to Malaysia.
If you don't stay at home, KKM will be coming to get you soon.
“Based on details provided by the health authorities, the virus volume is low, and therefore, the risk of infection is low too,” the source added.
The photo caused uproar on social media, which then led to other Malaysians sharing photos of people sporting the same wristband in public.
Perhaps its time the government took more stringent measures against those who are undergoing home quarantine.

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